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How To Choose Right Perfume For Different Occasions

how to choose right perfume

Introducing you a guide to choose right luxury attar

Choosing the right fragrance is always a delicate matter, especially when it comes to selecting a luxury attar. When it comes to preference, it does not have to be a difficult task, especially with Puja Perfumery’s promising scented fragrances, directly from Kannauj. Below is a detailed guide to help you choose the right scented attar for every occasion. To be specific, attars are distinguished for the extended longevity of their fragrance, and they are also made from natural compounds and produced using very delicate procedures. Additionally, every single attar reveals its history and, thus, the story of the ingredients and the craft. Still wondering how to choose right perfume or right luxury attars for different occasions, then read our blog to get the best learning guide. 

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Daily Wear: Subtle Elegance

When choosing an optimal attar for everyday wear, the best scents are light and tropical with a touch of fresh and citrusy notes, just like Jasmine or Lavender attar; their role is to provide elegance and class without overfilling the room or user’s clothes with an overly strong smell.

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Luxury Attar
Sky Oud
Luxury Attar
Prestige Blu
Luxury Attar

Work Environment: Professional Sophistication

In a professional environment, one would prefer a good fragrance without being obtrusive. Some of the options available from Puja Perfumery’s luxurious attar collections for the workplace are Sandalwood and Musk. Our Kannauj attars are particularly smooth and perfect for business meetings, thus creating a perfect ambiance for work. With our exclusive luxury attar collection, you can find the most suitable office-wear perfumes that will keep you fresh all day long. 

White Oud Luxury Attar
White Oud
Luxury Attar
Luxury Attar
Oud Arabia

Casual Outings: Playful and Fresh

While going out to hang out and spend a day with friends or simply spend an evening out, it is best to select attars with bright and zesty fragrances. For such occasions, Citrus, Vanilla, Amber, and Shamama-based attars are very appropriate as they are bright and fresh, which corresponds with a joyful atmosphere. 

Oud Velvet Luxury Attar
Oud Velvet
Luxury Attar
Oud Light Luxury Attar
Oud Light

Special Events: Bold and Memorable

In high-profile events such as weddings, anniversaries, parties, or any celebrations, one needs an attractive scented attar that binds every soul. For such occasions, this is where Oud and Rose are perfect. Their rich and intense smells are very forwarding to ensure that you leave your mark to whoever you intend to.

Mukhallat Musk Luxury Attar
Mukhallat Musk
Oud Adeem Luxury Attar
Oud Adeem
Luxury Attar
Royal Charm

Romantic Evenings: Sensual and Intimate

When it is related to fascination or honeymoon select the attars with warmer and intimate feelings aroma. Amber and Patchouli are the best choice of scents which are appropriate to build up the romantic mood.

Luxury Attar
Celebrity U
Luxury Attar
G Guilty
Luxury Attar
Gud Vibe

Seasonal Selections: Adapting to the Climate

You can also change the attar according to the season preferred by you. As far as seasons are concerned Summer would need lighter and healthier fragrances such as mint or lemon. When it is cold outside, sweet and strong attars such as Cinnamon, Vanilla, or Clove give a sensation of warmth.

This guide will tell you the best ways for choosing right perfume, so hold on and read more.

Travel-Friendly: Versatile Scents

While traveling, one needs an attar that can be used in different events, ceremonies, or adventurous activities. Vetiver, Sandalwood, and fresh Pepper notes are a good option based on the tea-like calming note and balancing the versatility between flapper and formal settings. 

Cultural and Religious Events: Traditional Elegance

For events such as cultural or religious ceremonies, select attars that have a traditional and/or religious intent. Such occasions can be accompanied by Frankincense and Myrrh as these have a strong scent that brings spirituality.

Night Out: Dynamic and Exciting

When going for a dinner date and other lively activities, use bright and cheerful fragrances. Leather, Incense, and Tobacco types of attars are loud and wild, which are best used in creating the impact in social gatherings.

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