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A Guide To Layer Luxury Fragrances

Understanding the science of layering luxury attars and essential oils

We bet once you enter a room, people will definitely think about your unique luxury fragrances. But to stand out, you need to understand the art and concept of layering perfumes and attar which, when applied, can revolutionize one’s scent trajectory and make you stand out. In Puja Perfumery, we have the most unique collection of natural essential oils and luxury attars for mixing as per the layers of fragrance. Here is your simple, step-by-step guide to becoming a gourmet with this fragrant craft. Read our blog to figure out how to layer fragrances. Visit Puja Perfumery, to buy essential oils, natural attars, luxury attars and EDP at affordable wholesale prices. 

Understanding Fragrance Notes

To begin with how to layer fragrances, you must first understand the scent family and fragrance notes. Fragrances are composed of three layers:

  • Top Notes: Top notes also known as head notes are the first and rather faint Accord scents that are inhaled first but do not last for very long.
  • Middle (Heart) Notes: These make up the essence of the fragrance and appear after the first, evaporative, notes disperse. Middle notes are quite popular and some of the most popular ones are lavender, rose, and spices.
  • Base Notes: They are the notes that come out when the earlier top and middle notes have faded and all that you are left with is the base aroma. Some examples of these are sandalwood, musk, and vanilla.

Choosing Your Base

First, use a base that matches your natural body scent and your aura. Puja Perfumery has Sandalwood Attar, Musk Essential Oils, and Shamama-based attars that match it well. These base notes are warm and can last longer, creating a base on which other scents can easily be added. Selecting a right base is one of the main thing that you should begin with when it comes to how to layer fragrances.

Adding Depth with Middle Notes

Underlying notes or the middle notes are an essential part to provide more depth. For this, our Rose Attar or Lavender Essential Oil/Lavender Attar would be well suited. These scents are well mixed with your base, enhancing the composition to give out that great aroma.

Finishing with Top Notes

This layer makes the fragrance all-round by adding the top note. Some of the best suggestions are Citrus Essential Oil or Jasmine Attar from Puja Perfumery to complete the fragrances of this care. Top notes are these first impressions that give the scent its subject matter so-to-speak and grab people’s attention. The top notes of your favorite scent plays a vital role in giving your luxury scents a first impression and that’s how to layer fragrances. 

Layering Techniques

  • Start with Clean Skin: It is recommended that you put your fragrances on clean skin that does not have any perspiration on it.
  • Use Unscented Lotion: It is preferred to apply a nourishing lotion so as to trap the scents, and ensure that they last longer.
  • Apply in Order: This should be played from the base note to the middle one, to the top one consecutively. Let each layer remain on the glass with no interference to the next for some time.
  • Experiment and Adjust: Experimenting with scents and fragrances is good and innovative. Layering is as personal as the applications one uses or the order in which one does the jobs; it is never a one-size-fits-all and requires constant adjustment.

Why Layering Works

Layering can be used in portable methods to allow you to have your unique pleasant aroma. If you blend different notes, one can achieve a scent that changes during the day, and different layers appear and become deeper.

Benefits of Using Attars and Essential Oils

Whether it be natural attars and essential oils all have their unique benefits and advantages. As compared to synthetic perfumes, they are not detrimental to the skin as they do not contain any form of chemicals that may harm the skin as they are original and natural perfumes. We at Puja Perfumery use quality products which makes our perfumes very durable and of excellent quality.

Creating Seasonal Scents

Layering should also depend on the season, for instance during the colder seasons, wear thicker layers. During summer, sheer and fresh notes are much more appropriate to be worn by men and women. One can use our Citrus Essential Oils with Mint Attars for summer fragrance by combining both products layer by layer. For cooler climates, one can go with warm notes such as Vanilla Essential Oil combined with Oud Attar.

Puja Perfumery: Your Partner in Fragrance Layering

If you are looking forward to layering, then you can find a wide variety of natural essential oils and luxury attars at Puja Perfumery. Our products are made with a lot of care and finer ingredients are used in the production of each of them. Whether you are just starting with the art of layering your fragrances or are already somewhat of a pro, our luxury attars will allow you to build your very special scent for any occasion.

Tips for Long-Lasting Fragrance

By putting a little Sandalwood Attar first on your pulse areas prior to putting layers of other fragrances, your layered product will last longer. Because it is the oil, the fragrance is retained on your skin for the most part of the day due to its fixative nature.

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