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Chameli attar perfume is well known for its sweet, charming fragrance that is made from versatile flowers called jasmine. This versatile flower has a long history in Indian culture. From Lord Krishna to the 21st century this flower is continuously used in Indian territory. In this modern age, we provide jasmine extracted liquid perfume called chameli attar. It is strong, sweet, long-lasting, and also gives several health benefits. Moreover, chameli attar is one of the popular and lovable attars in India. Because of it, mind refreshing compounds that keep you charming all day long. And lastly, our chameli attar is 100% natural that stays long in your cloth and skin.

Chameli Attar used for – fragrance making that has a lovely smell with longevity

Expense Of Chameli attar – 4000 – 40000 based on quality, quantity, and brand

Chameli Attar commonly used – perfume and medicine making

Chameli attar Good For – reduce headache, infections, etc.

Chameli Attar refers to –  Jasmina, Jasmyn perfume

Chameli Attar Smells Like – light, sweet and fresh

Manufacturers Process To Produce Chameli Lotus Attar

We use the hydro Distillation process to extract the oil from jasmine, it helps to prevent internal damage of the properties. Besides that, we also had some other chemical-free substances to make the product hygienic and fresh. As a result, we get 100% natural attar with a lot of health benefits. If you have sensitive skin, don’t absorb every smell easily, then try our natural chameli attar that reduces the chances of allergies in your skin. Just because our ingredients were we also add some other plant, herb, and natural essential oil to make the perfume more healthy and beneficial for all types of skin. And this attar is easily used by both men and women in parties, events, festivals, and get-together meetups. It stays long on your cloth and also feels strong after sweating.

Healthy Benefits Of Chameli Attar

As we mentioned, jasmine is a versatile flower that was used from ancient periods in India. From there to still now, every Indian loves the smell of this flower, it benefits and collections also. So think if these flowers contain perfume then what happened. Honestly, it gives several health benefits like smoothing and simulating, reducing stress, refreshing your mood, boosting your energy, finishing your tiredness, etc. Besides that chameli, the essential oil is also very powerful to reduce high blood pressure and inflammation after massage. Although, our chameli attar is natural, non-alcoholic, and chemical-free that doesn’t react on your sensitive skin. So what are you waiting for just go, order, and get one for you?

Why You Choose Us To Buy Chameli Attar

We collect, refine, process and manufacture the product so you get the 100% natural, high quality, and body refreshing attar at your doorstep. Our product gives you 100% satisfaction because it’s High quality, long-lasting, and natural. We promise and we take responsibility for your maximum comfort.

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Bulk booking and wholesale options are available in all major cities in India. Like Kanpur, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. Our dealers and suppliers are available around the country. So you don’t experience any type of late delivery from us.


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