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Best Attar For Men India

Attar is also majorly renowned as ‘Ittar’ or ‘Itar’ which are derived from the Persian word ‘itr’ which refers to the word ‘Perfume’. Nowadays, just like most things, perfumes are made by making use of chemicals, but Attars are 100% pure and these are made with the love of nature. Buy Best Attar for Men in India.

Technically, Best Attar for Men India is natural perfume oils that are obtained from flowers, barks, or herbs. These are majorly popular in Middle-east and South Asian countries, for instance, India.

Now, they have also gained popularity in some developed countries, for instance, Australia, the UK, and the USA, since they are free of alcohol, eco-friendly, and long-lasting.

Why Best Attars Are Majorly Popular?

Indian Attar Perfumes are majorly renowned as still they are made by making use of the same method that is designed 400 years ago. The city of Kannauj is also popular as ‘Perfume City of India’ which is home to this age-old practice.

Attars have conserved the fragrance of the earth in spite of being in a highly-competitive market with cheaper artificial alternatives.

Since attars will always be superior in terms of quality, there can never be a contest between them. If you have just once made use of it, you would not be able to resist becoming a regular user of it.

Best Attar for Men India You Should Use

The characterization of Attars is made on the basis of raw materials used in them for their production. Given below are some names of Best Attar for Men that you must try at least once in your lifetime:

Mitti Attar (The Scent of Rain)

Who the person is there who is not fond of the smell of earth that comes after the first rain of monsoon? The scent that comes out of the dry earth turning wet will serve you with a sense of rejuvenation that is captured in this exceptional attar.

You can opt to make use of this Attar for your daily use because of the soothing aroma that acts as a stress-buster. Since this attar serves your body with the cooling effect, so, summer would be the best time for you to make use of this one-of-a-kind perfume.

Ruh Gulab (Rose Attar)

The smell of the rose is just abundant to serve you with the experience of the bliss of heaven. This Ruh Gulab or Rose Attar is extracted from the Indian Rose Damascena. Along with this Rose, the attar is one of the most pleasant attars that has ever been made.

In most cultures, the Rose flower represents love and the fragrance that comes out of it. Along with this is acknowledged by numerous people as the sweetest scent of nature.

Rose attar is most appropriate for some special occasions, for instance, family functions, weddings, or just for a meeting that you are going to conduct with your loved one.

As rose attar is a cold attar, you can make the best use of it during summers. However, you can take it into your use in all seasons particularly for memorable moments.

Ruh Khus or Vetiver Attar

Ruh Khus attar is made by making use of the roots of the vetiver plant. This attar is also popular for its quite rich aroma. This attar also comes with a woody and earthy smell. Along with this, it is also majorly popular as the ‘Oil of Tranquility.

In addition to this, it is basically an oil that would serve your body with calmness from the hassles of your day-to-day life.

Ruh Khus attar is one of the ancient attars used in India and still it has not lost its popularity among regular attar enthusiasts. Ruh Khus attar is an all-seasons favorite and is going to be proved as the perfect attar for you if you have the desire for something for both exclusive events and daily usage.

Jasmine Attar (Zaffran or Kesar Attar)

Jasmine attar is one of the majorly renowned and cherished flowers that are found on our planet and a similar value is held by its attar also. This attar has gained popularity for creating a romantic floral ambiance. Along with this, the sharp and sweet essence of this attar is appreciated by men and women.

Just like most of the other attars, most men give preference to this attar due to its stress-busting attribute that can serve your mind and body both with relaxation in addition to refreshing it simultaneously.

Musk Attar

Basically, there are two types of Musk Attars that are available in the market- which are White Musk Attar & Black Musk Attar. Here, if you are going to buy attars for men particularly for winters, then you must consider going with Black Musk Attar Perfume.

If you are looking for a winter perfume that would not only keep you warm but should also make you stand out, then Musk Attar or Musk attar is what you require.

Amber Attar

Generally, you can describe Amber Attara as a resinous, warm, and woodsy attar that comes with an undertone of floral citrus. Amber attar is basically a deep and complex attar that holds stunning warming characteristics.

When you apply Amber attar on your nerves, then you will get a feeling of warmth that comes out of it and that will serve you with a very relaxed and calm feeling.

Attar Shamama

Probably, attar Shamama is not so common attar name in our list. This attar comprises more than 45 herbs and natural ingredients. Shamama Attar has been a major point of discussion throughout this year in a plethora of perfumery conferences. This Shamama Attar is native to Kannauj and it is widely known for keeping you warm during the winter season.

Mukhallat Attar

Mukhallat Attar is known for belonging to the Mukhallator Amberi family of attar. This attar is of a floral, sweet, fruity type and used to display myriad facets within those parameters as per the essences used in its compounding.

Usually, Mukhallat Attar is a mixture of pure oil, for instance, Sandalwood, Amber, Rose, Dehn AI Oudh, etc. All these are combined for the creation of perfume oil.

There is a huge demand in the market for this pure essential oil and aromatic fragrance due to its calming smell, zero impurity, accurate composition, and extreme therapeutic use.

Rajnigandha Attar

Rajnigandha Attar is also known as Tuberose attar which is obtained with the help of hydro-distillation of fresh flowers of wildcrafted Polianthes Tuberose plant found in Tamil Nadu in Southern India.

This Rajnigandha Attar comes with amazing blending characteristics. And because of its amazingly refreshing fragrance, it is majorly used in the perfumery industry. In addition to this, the Tuberose attar can easily be blended with most other oils.

Rajnigandha attar is considered an excellent middle note in modern perfumery. Apart from this, This attar is traditionally distilled and makes a complete fragrance in itself.