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best essential oils in india

Due to the increasing demand for essential oils, puja perfumery company has brought you the best options for the best essential oils in India.

Established in the year 1972, Puja Perfumery & Exports is a profound organization engaged in Manufacturing, Supplying, Exporting, Wholesaling and Retailing best range of Natural Attar, Absolute Fragrances, Essential Oil, Perfumery Compound and Floral Water. We are located in the ancient land on Uttar Pradesh and hold best experience in providing superior range of natural perfumed products in optimum varieties. These are essentially required for various occasional and general purposes. Our client base is very wide and our products are distributed to various national and international markets. With our broad business exposure we are able to provide highly advanced, enhanced and natural scented products at profitable price range. We are the leading essential oil manufacturers in this country. Buy best essential oils in India.


Puja Perfumery introduces a collection of essential oils that will help to relax, rebalance your body, mind and soul. Inhaling the aroma of these essential oils can stimulate areas of the limbic system, which is a part of the brain that plays a role in emotions, behaviour, sense of smell and long-term memory. These limbic systems also help to control many physiological functions like breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure. The essential oils need to be diluted in a carrier oil and massaged as per the directions for better absorption. They can also be used in a diffuser, potpourri or can mix 4-5 drops of essential oil in bathwater. Buy best essential oils in India.

Let’s know more about essential oil :-

The benefits, types, uses of essential oil are not known to all. Essential oil is used to treat various types of health problems, problems related to skin and hair. Essential oil is also commonly called essential oil. Buy best essential oils in India.
Since ancient times, essential oils have been used in medicine, cosmetics, perfumes, food, and a variety of medical systems. If these oils are used regularly, they can reduce the chances of many of our health problems.

Let us know what are the advantages of essential oil :

We and you often hear and read about essential oils. It is also known that the benefits of essential oil for our health are many. But very few people know what essential oil is. Essential oil or volatile oil is an extract obtained from plants.which are obtained by different extraction methods. Different parts of the plant can be used depending on the essential oil yield. The flowers of the plants are generally used to obtain the highest and most aromatic oil. But apart from flowers, other parts like leaves, bark, roots, peels of fruits etc. are also used.
Essential oils are considered beneficial because they are generally 75 percent more potent and effective than herbs. The Puja Perfumery essential oil is a completely natural product so it is believed to be very effective.

Let us know about the use of essential oil :

Often this question arises in the mind of people that how essential oil can be used.Can we use this oil like normal oil? Can we use it directly on our skin or in what form is it beneficial for us. The answer to all these people’s questions is yes. But also keep in mind that the plant from which it has been obtained contains 75 percent of its properties, which is very powerful.If you want to use it on your skin, then use it only after diluting it. You can also include it in your diet. But you are advised not to use essential oils until you are fully aware of the problem and the properties of the essential oil. Do not use these types of oils orally without consulting your doctor as these oils contain a good amount of phytochemicals.

Let us know about the nutrients found in essential oils.

By the way, all essential oils have their own different properties and nutrients. These nutrients are based on the plants from which the essential oils are derived. But still there are some common properties of essential oils that are available in all oils. Essential oils have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Apart from these, various types of vitamins, nutrients and minerals are present in them which help us in getting health benefits. Essential oils also have antioxidant properties that protect our body from harmful free radicals. Let us know what are the benefits and types of essential oil.
The list of essential oils providing various health benefits and other types of benefits is very long. Although all these oils are very useful for us. But some essential oils may not be available everywhere depending on production, environment and utility.

But Puja Perfumery is one such company where you will get best essential oil very easily on online, you can buy online essential oil there.
And if you live abroad and want to buy essential oil then you can buy essential oil in India online from puja purfurmery.

We work in a highly advanced infrastructure and maintain best facilities to provide the most enhanced varieties of products. We manufacture essential oil in Kannauj(India) With our decades of experience, we have preserved the rich cultural fragrances which are provided in the form of various innovative products. Our professionals are well trained to meet the growing demands of our clients and provide them improved varieties of products. Essential oil manufacturers in India by Puja Perfumery.

We apply advanced techniques to preserve the natural and fresh quality of all our products for long duration. They are appreciated worldwide for their highly attractive aroma and natural quality. With our decent policies, we have successfully increased our varieties of products and maintained an ongoing relation with our patrons.

Let us know what are the other essential oils :-

Essential oils provide many benefits if used in the right way. But if care is not taken while using these oils, then some side effects can also occur. Some essential oils help to overcome our serious health problems.

Some essential oils solve our hair and skin related problems. Essential oils are effective against harmful organisms. Certain essential oils help improve your mood and increase brain function. Some oils have properties to reduce your feelings of health problems like headache, nausea, vomiting etc.
Apart from this, some oils help reduce the side effects during aromatherapy. Let us know in detail about the benefits and types of essential oil.

• Jojoba essential oil
• Jasmine Oil
• Copaba oil
• Bergamot Oil
• Neroli Oil
• Lemon Balm Oil
• Pomegranate oil
• Frankincense Oil
• Rosemary Oil
• Sandalwood oil
• Cypress Oil
• Ginger oil

Essential oils are helpful in skin care. They are used in creams, serums etc. By using them in the right way every day, the skin can be kept beautiful and youthful. Although there are many types of essential oils, there are some that are commonly used. Let’s know from Puja Perfumery expert which oil is full of what qualities and what is the best way to use it. Buy best essential oils in India.

1) Understand the skin problem before choosing

This oil is very beneficial for those with oily skin. People with this type of skin usually complain of acne. This oil is responsible for pimples
Controls bacteria and also helps in removing blemishes. With regular use, the problems related to the skin are removed.

How to use – Cleanse the face thoroughly. Now apply 5-6 drops of tea tree oil and 4-5 drops of honey. Wash the face after 15-20 minutes. Can use daily. It is more beneficial to use essential oils before sleeping.

It protects the skin from the intense rays of the sun. For those who stay in the sun for a long time or who get tanned early, it is of great use.

How to use – Mix 1 tablespoon shea butter, 2 drops carat seed oil, 2 drops lemon oil, 2 drops frankincense (frankincense) oil. Massage on face and neck and leave it overnight. Can use it everyday. The mixture can be prepared and used for a week.

It is rich in Vitamin-C. It is often used in home remedies. It is helpful in removing premature wrinkles, blemishes. At the same time, it also relieves stress. It can be applied by all skin types.

How to use – After cleaning the face, mix 20 drops of lemon oil and 200 mg of Saif flower oil and keep it in a bottle. It can be applied on the face, neck and if desired, on the whole body before sleeping. Wash it off the next day while taking a bath.

This oil works to rejuvenate the skin. It also makes the skin tone even. Those whose skin remains red or there is irritation etc., they can also use this oil.

How to use – Mix 2-3 drops of lavender oil and 5 tablespoons of aloe vera gel. Apply this mixture daily after cleansing the face. Wash off after 20 minutes. You can also keep it overnight.
It deeply cleanses the skin. Along with keeping it young, the blood circulation of the face also keeps fine.

How to use – Mix 6 drops of rosemary oil and one teaspoon of aloe vera gel in the bowl. Massage the face and neck with this. Wash off after 15-20. You can also keep it overnight. Can be used daily. Can be applied by all skin types.

Essential oils are helpful in skin care. They are used in creams, serums etc. By using them in the right way every day, the skin can be kept beautiful and youthful. Although there are many types of essential oils, there are some that are commonly used.

These benefits of essential oil will amaze you
Every essential oil has some specialty. Some of these are used as beauty products and some to overcome health problems. According to beauty expert Deepa Swarup, essential oils are very beneficial.

Different types of oils and nutrients have been used by people to keep the skin healthy and young for a long time. There are some such essential oils, which not only keep our skin young, but they are also used in the treatment of many serious diseases etc. There are many essential oils available on Puja Perfumery Website, you can choose the oil according to your convenience. Buy best essential oils in India.

Let us know about some more benefits of essential oil :-


Rosemary oil is a rejuvenating oil. The use of this oil reduces stress and increases concentration. Iron, calcium and vitamin B6 are found in good amounts in this oil.


Geranium oil is a versatile oil that balances the oil released from the skin and conditions the skin. It is useful for every skin type.


YLANG YLANG is highly effective in treating oily and acne-prone skin. It is an anti aging oil and also maintains the oil balance on the face.


It is very difficult to cure acne and blemishes on the face. In such a situation, lemongrass proves to be very helpful in eliminating both these problems. It can also be used as a skin toner.


Lavender oil is mainly used in aromatherapy. It reduces stress. Apart from this, due to its antiseptic properties, it is used for the treatment of burns and insect bites.


Teatree oil is full of properties. It is used as antifungal and antibacterial. If you are troubled by pimples and oily skin, then this oil can prove to be a boon.