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Khus Attar is a perfume made from green vetiver grass called khus, this is also known as fragrance grass. Khus-made perfumes help to cool your body besides smelling. We apply a streaming process to extract the oil from khus. Then add some other related natural ingredients to make the perfume more authentic and organic. Kush essential oil is one of the most popular and effective liquids to treat insomnia, stress, and depression. Besides that, khus are more commonly used since ancient times because of their healthy properties. This green vetiver grass is mostly used in room freshener, perfumes making, and cosmetic also.

Khus used for –  making perfumes, cosmetics, room fresheners, pain removal medicines.

Expense Of khus attar – Prices depends on brand, quality and quantity

Khus Attar commonly used – perfumes and room fresheners making that gives cool and fresh aroma

Khus Good For – promote healthy skin, reduce stress, and also control emotions.

Khus Attar refers to – Oil of Tranquillity

Khus Attar Smells Like – Fresh, wet, and sweet

Manufacturers Process To Produce Khas  Attar

We use a hydro-distillation process that helps to extract the oil from these green vetiver grasses. Kush contains some high nutritions like no others. So our oil extracting method is a trusted process that helps to extract the liquid without harming the internal components. It helps to maintain the standard quality of the khus. Besides that we also add some other related and natural ingredients like essential oil, implants, hern, grass,leaves etc. Which helps to boost the work efficiency of our khus perfumes. Our all natural attars are chemical free and non alcoholic, so the chances of side effects are very less.

Healthy Benefits Of Khus Attar

Our all natural attars are chemical free, so if you have sensitive skin on smell then must try our khus attars. Because it has less chances to react on your skin. Moreover, it also stays long on the shirt and skin besides smelling. Now comes khus which is an important ingredient in this perfume. This green grass contains healthy nutritions like vitamins, minerals, calcium and other antioxidants. Which helps to cool your mind and body. Besides that khus attar also control your emotions and stress. For example, you come back home from the office very tired, Just inhale our khus essential oil and instantly feel good. Just apply a few drops of khus attar in your skin and go attend your parties, events, marriages etc. You feel confident and smell really good with its sweet , fresh aroma.

Why You Choose Us To Buy Khus Attar

Our all attars are 100% natural, high quality and non alcoholic. Every ingredient is authentic, genuine and natural that doesn’t give bad effects on your body. Our suppliers and distributors are available in all major cities in india like Kanpur, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. So late delivery and damaged products are no chance.

We offer khus attar kannauj: –

We provide bulk booking and wholesale options for individuals and dealers. Just go to our website and contact us for more details. All natural attars maintain the government guidelines, so authentic and genuine products are guaranteed.

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