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Pure Rose Oudhi Attar is Gulab and agarwood combined liquid perfume. It is One of the most popular and demanding perfumes in the Indian market. rose is a flower that has been used for more than 5000+ years. The origin of this flower probably originated in China first. But in India, Muslim Moghul empowers first to bring this beautiful flower in the 16th century. Rose or Gulab contains some of the best and necessary components that mostly improve our skin. Hair and stress. And agarwood is a naturally produced woody masculine that is mostly used in fragrance, perfume, or small carvings. These two ingredients are more popular, natural and beneficial for both men and women. Our rose oudhi attar is the perfect choice to release stress from your mind without any side effects. Get best rose oudhi attar in India only on Puja Perfumery.

It is used for – fragrance, essential and folk medicine making

Expense Of Rose Oudhi Attar – It depends on quality, quantity and brand

It Is Commonly Used – perfume making which gives several health benefits besides smelling.

It Is Good For – relieve stress, calm your mind and also improve hair, skin

It Refers To – rose agarwood oil

It Smells Like – Sweet, complex, and pleasing.

Extraction Process – hydro-distillation process

Applicable For – Both men and women

Manufacturers Process To Produce Rose Oudhi Attar

Rose and agarwood is our primary ingredient to make this attar. We use hydro-distillation to extract the oil from these flowers and woods. Then we add some other related ingredients like wood, plant, herb, and essential oil. And all of these ingredients make the perfume more natural, healthy, and beneficial for every skin type. Our Gulab attar stays at least 24 hours guaranteed, no matter how much you sweat or work outside. These features make the perfume more helpful during your events, parties, and marriages. Moreover, our all ingredients are top quality and 100% natural that import and export from Indian and some other countries. Our all-natural attars are government authorized and maintain the rules to produce only genuine and authentic perfumes for our customers.

Healthy Benefits Of  Rose Oudhi Attar

Not just it smell or stay well, besides that our natural rose oudhi attar is also very effective during your meditation and yoga session. Gulab essential oil is also used for massage in aromatherapy. Just because it contains all the necessary components that help to reduce stress, pain, and anxiety. On the other hand, agarwood, takes every responsibility to improve your both internal and external health. Some important benefits are inflammatory reduction, improved sexual life, reduced antimicrobial growth, body strengthening, and improved brain functions, etc. Our Rose oudhi attar is non-alcoholic and chemical-free, so don’t be afraid of side effects. It works very well if you have sensitive skin. The chances of a reaction are much lesser than market attars. So outside parties or a get-together doesn’t matter, just apply a few drops of Gulab attar to feel fresh, charming, and energetic. 24 hours of stay are guaranteed.

Why You Choose Us To Buy Rose Oudhi Attar

Our suppliers are available in all major cities in India like Kanpur, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. So late delivery or damaged delivery is no chance. Our all-natural attars are government authorized that maintain the quality of the perfume.

We Offer:

High quality, long-lasting, and naturally pure and best Rose Oudhi Attar in India with bulk booking or wholesale only on Puja Perfumery. Our suppliers and dealers are available in all major cities in India. Like Kanpur, Delhi, Mumbai, etc.

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