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Ruh Blue Lotus is a perfume that is extracted from blue lotus flowers by applying a hydro distillation process. You can consider this ruh as a natural aphrodisiac aroma that gives a heart calming sensation at your meditation and spiritual level. This flower is well known as an Egyptian lotus that previously used to feel gentle euphoria. Moreover, ancient people in Egypt consumed this blue flower to feel high. But for decades these blue lotus flowers are commonly used to make mood charming perfumes around the globe. Ruh Blue Lotus is a plant-based perfume that doesn’t contain harmful, allergenic, and alcoholic substances.

Blue Lotus used for – Scented products making from the ancient period that feels high, energetic, and calming

Expense Of Ruh Blue Lotus – 1000 to 5000 based on quantity, quality, and brand

Ruh Blue Lotus commonly used –  candlesticks, room freshener, etc making

Ruh Blue Lotus Good For – Spiritual feeling, aromatherapy, anxiety-reducing, etc.

Ruh Blue Lotus refers to – blue lily, water lily, Egyptian lily, Bluewater plant

Ruh Blue Lotus Smells Like – Refreshing, sweet, light, and ephemeral.

Manufacturers Process To Produce Ruh Blue Lotus

Our Ruh Blue Lotus is made from blue lotus flowers by extracting their internal oil. In this period flowers go through a hydro-distillation process that refines, cleans, and extracts the internal ingredients without harming the quality. As a result, you get a natural oil that is filled with a lot of healthy chemicals. Besides that, we also use some other allergen-free, herbal ingredients like similar essential oil to make the perfume more beneficial, authentic, and natural. Moreover, we don’t add any chemical, alcohol, or unwanted substance that may react to your skin. So don’t panic this liquid absorbs your skin without any side effects, if you are sensitive to smell.

Healthy Benefits Of Ruh Blue Lotus

There is no doubt that these beautiful blue flowers contain numerous healthy chemicals that actually influence your body positively. That’s why you can consider Ruh Blue Lotus as a magical aroma. Which contain antioxidants, vitamin D, b12, and some other healthy chemicals that reduce inflammation, swelling, infections, etc. Besides that blue lotus oil is also involved to promote healthy skin by protecting it from free radicals. After inhaling our Ruh Blue Lotus, it calms your mind, reduces stress, and also helps to end tiredness. Although, there are many other benefits you get from blue lotus, its oil, and perfumes. That’s why this flower is a more popular ingredient in the fragrance-making industry.

Why You Choose Us To Buy Ruh Blue Lotus

We collect, refine, process and manufacture the product so you get the 100% natural, high quality, and body refreshing ruh at your doorstep. Our product gives you 100% satisfaction because it’s High quality, long-lasting, and natural. We promise and we take responsibility for your maximum comfort.

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