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Natural, strong, long-lasting and traditionally making attar at your doorstep

Bakhoor attar is a Natural Perfume, made with traditional ways to maintain its purity and heartwarming fragrance. Or in simple words, Bakhoor is a traditional perfume-making process that uses several natural ingredients like agarwood resin, fragrance oil, etc. The word “bakhoor ” is inspired by an Arabic word called bakhoor dan which is used in scented bricks making. This bakhoor attar is a world-famous perfume mostly for its strong and long-lasting fragrance. Besides that, Bakhoor is a process of eastern perfume style that is mostly used in Europe for several decades. Where people used this traditional perfume to inhale during their churching. But now the bakhoor process is mostly followed around the globe. And we also provide this excellent heartwarming product at a decent price tag.

Bakhoor Attar used for –  Making soul charming perfume with long-lasting quality

Expense Of Bakhoor attar – 500 to 3000 average based on quantity and quality

Bakhoor Attar commonly used – Inhaling and room freshening products

Bakhoor attar Good For – Aromatherapy, reduce stress, making baby powder

Bakhoor Attar refers to –  Bakhoor dan

Bakhoor Attar Smells Like – Sweet and strong

Manufacturers Process To Produce Bakhoor Attar

As we mentioned earlier, bakhoor is a well-known process to produce highly natural perfumes in a traditional way. So we also follow this method to manufacture a 100% natural inhaling product for our customers. But that’s not enough, we want a unique and high-quality bakhoor attar that is different from other market products. So we use some other natural ingredients that are mostly available in India. Like Indian floral, Oudh, fragrance essential oil, resin, musk, wood, rose, and some other chemical-free substance. As a result, you get a strong, 100% natural, and long-lasting fragrance that not only smells well. Besides that, it also involves your system to reduce lifestyle-related stress and tiredness.

Healthy Benefits Of Bakhoor Attar

This traditional perfume not only feels strong, it also gives several health benefits after some use. The first one is meditation calmness. As we mentioned that bakhoor proceeds perfume used in Europe churches during their prayers. So you can create a calm and mind refreshing environment at your home during meditation. Moreover, Bakhoor style fragrances contain antibacterial properties that prevent unwanted damages on sensitive skins. So there is no doubt that bakhoor attar is a perfume that still maintains traditional mixing methods to produce highly natural perfumes for every human being.

Why You Choose Us To Buy Bakhoor Attar

We collect, manufacture, and supply some of the best quality, natural, and chemical-free attars at your doorstep. Our dealers are available in all major cities in India. So you don’t suffer from late delivery and damage items. Our products are highly authorized and maintain government guidelines to ensure maximum security of the products.

We offer: –

High quality, long-lasting, and natural bakhoor Attar with bulk booking or wholesale options. Our suppliers and dealers are available in all major cities in India. Like Kanpur, Delhi, Mumbai, etc.

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