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Amber attar is also defined as resin that is extracted from fossils of trees. This Amber takes millions of years to produce hardened resin, which is also known as the gem. All that means, amber, which is found in hard or solid resin condition which is a result of a combined chemical process called polymerization. Where molecules are mixed and produce large solid forms of resin. Amber is more popular around the globe for its natural beauty and rareness. Amber is mostly used in healing products, jewelry, and folk medicine also.

Amber Attar used for – Healing, making jewelry, decorative objects, and folk medicine also.

Expense Of Amber – Depending on quality and uniqueness price varies between 200 to 3000 per carat.

Amber Attar Found – Mostly in Alaska, Madagascar, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, southern Sweden, Russia (Kaliningrad).

Amber Good For – Mostly used for mental health such as treating depression, anxiety, stress, internal pain, and controlling emotions also.

Amber Attar refers to – Yellow resembling copal,

Amber Attar Smells Like – Sweet, warm, and pleasing.

Manufacturers Process To Produce Amber Attar

Attar or liquid-based perfumes use hydro or steam distillation processes to store natural resin to maintain a rich sweet fragrance. We love this extraction because of its high potential molecules that made the product natural, beneficial, and quality. This natural fossil resin contains natural properties that need to be filled after production. Just because it gives you both soothing & stimulating effects at the same time. Not only that but the production also uses other tree resin to make the amber perfume more effective, sweet, and healthy. Like non-allergenic and skin-friendly components, labdanum, benzoin resin, copal, synthetic material, etc.

Healthy Benefits Of Amber Attar

Did you ever feel tired or back pain after coming home from the office?. If yes then definitely try our amber attar it gives you calmness, a stress-free and minds refreshing sensation.

Moreover, it scientifically tested that amber attar involved giving many different health benefits.

The first one is anxiety which is easy to treat with the help of amber attar. Because it contains soothing properties that help your brain to release anti-stressing hormones.

The second one is inflammation, where your muscles cramp, muscles aching, and unwanted pain in the middle of the night. But don’t worry, try our amber attar, inhale it or try an amber essential oil massage before bed. You definitely find 100% satisfaction.

Last but not least is the immune system improving. Because science shows that amber contains antioxidant and antibacterial properties. That may soothe the throat, reduce infractions, and also simulate leukocytes that actually work to improve your immune system. As a result, the chances of cold, fever, and tiredness are lower.

Why You Choose Us To Buy Amber Attar

We collect, we manufacture and we deliver at your doorstep. We ensure our customers get 100% high-quality products by sitting in their comfort. We highly recommend amber attar, if you want a stress-free life and calm mind at a decent price tag. Our all-natural perfumes are long-lasting, healthy, vegan, and chemical-free.

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We provide the bulk booking or wholesale options in all major cities in India. Like Kanpur, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. Our product gives you 100% satisfaction because it’s High quality, long-lasting, and natural.

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