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One of the most popular, well-known, and demanding Indian perfumes is Choya Nakh Attar. This fragrance is made from dry roasted Indian seashells. And extract the oil from this ingredient by following the hydro-distillation process. Although, many other natural ingredients we also use in this attar to make it more convenient and allergen-free for sensitive skin. This perfume smells smoothing like smoky, sweet, woody, and dry. This Choya Nakh Attar gives soothing effects to calm your mind and also stay longer on your skin and clothes. Besides that, we only use authorized and chemical-free ingredients to make our attars natural and more beneficial for every type of skin.

Choya Nakh Attar used for – mostly used in fragrance making

Expense Of Choya Nakh attar – 500 rs to 5000 rs depending on quantity, quality, and brand

Choya Nakh Attar commonly used – This oil most commonly used in aromatherapy

Choya Nakh attar Good For – Treating insomnia, stress, and anxiety-related problems

Choya Nakh Attar refers to –  Citrus Bigaradia, Gul Hina Attar.

Choya Nakh Attar Smells Like – Woody, smoky, sweet, and strong

Manufacturers Process To Produce Choya Nakh Attar

Indian attar making process is quite similar to almost every attar manufacturing company. We used a hydro-distillation process to absorb the oil from these dry seashells. This process helps to absorb all essential nutrients without harming or losing the quality. Besides that, we also use some other plant ingredients like herb, plant, related essential oil, natural leaves, etc. As a result, you get high quality and 100% natural at your doorstep. Moreover, any attar doesn’t contain any unwanted substance or chemical contents that increase the chances of side effects on the skin. So if your skin is very sensitive to smell then try our Choya Nakh Attar that doesn’t react to your skin that much.

Healthy Benefits Of Choya Nakh Attar

The great thing about choya nakh attar is, it contains balsam, one kind of oil that is collected from various plants. And in this oil researchers found healing acids that directly impact our skin positively. It means this oil helps to improve skin irritation, skin burn, spots, and also improve poor blood circulation. Besides that, you also get our Choya Nakh Attar, which is more commonly used to improve your inhaling and breathing issues. As well as improve your stress, tiredness, and calmness in your mind. Our Choya Nakh Attar contains chemical-free substances that increase the productivity of this attar. And as a result, you get a strong, natural, and long-lasting perfume at a decent price tag. So just go and purchase one for yourself or your friends and family.

Why You Choose Us To Buy Choya Nakh Attar

We collect, manufacture and supply 100% natural atar at your doorstep. And our distributors are available in all major cities in India like Kanpur, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. So, out of stock or late delivery is no chance.

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We provide both bulk booking or wholesale options for every customer. And all our attars are High quality, long-lasting, and 100% natural.


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