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Harsingar is a perfume of popular flower oil called Harsingar in Hindi and Night jasmine in English. This flower was first found in Spain 100 years ago. But in India, night jasmine is an official and most available flower in west Bengal. Besides that, it is also available in some topical areas like Thailand, west indies, etc. But we use Indian night jasmine that is available in West Bengal, we collect, manufacture and deliver the night jasmine oil-filled attar known as Harsingar perfume. Before delivery, we use a steaming process to extract the oil from night jasmine and then add some other natural ingredients to make the perfume more healthy and beneficial.

Harsingar used for – fragrance and ayurvedic medicine making

Expense Of Harsingar Attar – 1000 rs to 10000 rs depending on quantity, quality, and brand

Harsingar Attar commonly used – for natural perfume making that stays long and feels strong

Harsingar Attar attar Good For – reduce pain, stress, and tiredness

Harsingar Attar refers to – night jasmine perfume, Shefali attar, etc.

Harsingar Attar Smells Like – Sweet and fresh

Manufacturers Process To Produce Harsingar attar

As we mentioned we use a streaming process to extract the oil from Harsingar or night jasmine flowers. Then add some other natural components like a plant, wood, herb, leaves, and related essential oil. These extra ingredients make the perfume more organic and healthy for you. We don’t add any unwanted, band, or chemical substance that reduces the efficiency of our attar, So you are free from allergies and side effects. Moreover, all-natural attars are government authorized and maintain the standard quality of the perfume.

Healthy Benefits Of Harsingar Attar

There are several benefits you get from our Harsingar Attar but more commonly stress-reducing, calm mind, refreshing mood, and also help to stop unwanted pain. Just inhale our perfume if you are going for yoga, reading, or meditation. Just use a diffuser and place it in the corner of your room. The smell of this attar helps to improve your concentration during your work. Although, night jasmine oil also has its own benefits like improving skin, reducing nausea, helping out from anxiety, and also improving dental health problems. Moreover, our Harsingar Attar doesn’t contain any chemical or unwanted substance. So if you have sensitive skin from smell then definitely try our natural attar. Which does not react on your skin easily, chances are very less than market products.

Why You Buy Harsingar Attar from Us

We collect, manufacture, refine, and deliver 100% natural and high-quality attar at your doorstep. Moreover, our all-natural attars are genuine and government authorized that maintain a standard quality to give more benefits besides smelling. These natural attars stay long on your shirt and skin.

We Offer:

We provide bulk booking and wholesale options for every Indian customer.  And suppliers are available in all major cities in India like Kanpur, Delhi, Mumbai, etc.

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