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Agarwood Beads and Agarwood Spiritual Benefits

Agarwood and products made from agarwood such as Agarwood Beads are such items that facilitate users to always carry agarwood with them for Agarwood Spiritual Benefits or as a fashion accessory.

The reason is that it is a precious gift from mother nature for the well-being of their physical and mental health. Agarwood is a necessary item in the grave rituals of numerous religions all through the world.

Differentiation between Agarwood Bead and Agarwood Bracelets of Hoang Giang

There are two types of Agarwood products according to physical and mental health benefits that may serve: Agarwood beads and Agarwood bracelets. Basically, both these products are made from Agarwood of Aquilaria trees.

The wood is chopped down, shaped, and polished into round beads of varying sizes. It is dependent on the preferences and desired sizes of customers. Those Agarwood beads are then strung together for making beads or bracelets.

Agarwood bracelets are a kind of jewelry made out of Agarwood for those who have the desire of keeping the essence of earth and heaven, of the time of the gods. Agarwood beads and Agarwood bracelets are strung into a single ring to be worn on the wrist.

Additionally, Agarwood beads are designed by making use of beads of Agarwood. These are usually smaller in diameter than the beads of bracelets and are made for meeting religious and spiritual requirements.

Agarwood beads stay much longer than Agarwood bracelets and these can be worn in numerous rings or may be used as rosary beads. The number of beads in a single Agarwood bead is also calculated carefully according to notions of different religions.

Applications of Agarwood Beads

For a long period of time Agarwood has been regarded as a holy object of earth and heaven. It symbolizes the essence of time of the heavenly world in varying beliefs of each person and each religion.

Therefore, when users bring Agarwood beads with them, they can feel the peace of earth and heaven, the guard against evil spirits. Agarwood is also a major point of attraction for fortunes, good lucks, and peace to the owner.

In addition to this, when the deep sweet woody scent that comes out from Agarwood grain in each bead is rubbed into the skin. It will radiate a pleasant aroma to make your mind calm and serves you with a highly relaxed feeling.

Agarwood bead is used in religious ceremonies as a rosary bead for marking the cycle of prayers. The beads assist meditation practitioners to focus on the meditation or mantras process easier.

Whenever a finger touches an Agarwood bead, the devoted person controls the number of prayers by the minimum of conscious effort for concentrating his mind and energy on prayers.

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