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benefits of sandalwood essential oil

Sandalwood oil or Santalum Spicatum has a distinct sweet and exotic aroma of its own. Brought to you by ‘Puja Perfumery’, this sandalwood oil is completely pure and natural. Sandalwood essential oil is obtained from the rare sandalwood tree. Although sandalwood essential oil can also be obtained from the sapwood tree, the quality of this oil is less. Read our latest article on benefits of sandalwood essential oil.
Brought to you by Puja Perfumery, this sandalwood essential oil is prepared by steam distilled method to obtain a thick yellow colored liquid. We can solve problems like bronchitis, cracked, dry skin, oily skin, stress and depression from the root with sandalwood oil with the help of aromatherapy. ‘Puja Perfumery’ brings to its customers 100% Natural and Organic Sandalwood Essential Oil at an affordable price.
Sandalwood oil is said to have a sensual effect on our body and is therefore used in the perfume industry and in body care products.
Sandalwood essential oil has a delicate woody aroma which makes this oil so exotic. This oil is non-toxic, non-irritating as well as non-sensitizing. Ayurveda also confirms that sandalwood oil is special and can cure many problems of our body. Sandalwood oil drives away many problems. Many nutrients are found in sandalwood oil, which not only removes the skin acne but also removes many serious problems of the body.
Sandalwood oil can also prove to be helpful in keeping your mind cool. Let us now look at the benefits of using sandalwood oil. Let’s know about its uses and benefits.
Benefits of Sandalwood oil :-

  • Removes stress – Sandalwood oil can easily remove problems like depression and stress of our body. Sandalwood oil contains a compound called α-santolol, which inhaled has been found to relieve problems like stress and depression.
  • Controls blood pressure – With the help of sandalwood oil, we can also keep the blood pressure of our body under control. The compounds present in sandalwood oil activate our body’s hormones and also improve the blood circulation of our body.
  • Inflammation is reduced – Sandalwood oil has anti-inflammatory properties which are helpful in reducing inflammation. Apart from this, Sandalwood oil can easily remove the redness of your skin
  • Removes the problem of sleep – If you are struggling with sleep problems, then sandalwood oil can prove to be helpful in removing your problems. Sandalwood oil is helpful in improving our central nervous system as well as making our memory strong.
  • Beneficial for the skin – The sesquiterpene alcohol is found in sandalwood oil which helps in increasing the glow of our facial skin. Massaging with sandalwood oil increases the flow of oxygen in our body, which also gets rid of problems like acne and red skin.
    ‘Puja Perfumery’ is one of the leading Manufacturers, Suppliers as well as Exporters of the best Essential Oils in the country. Our essential oils are chemical free, preservative free as well as additives free. We take utmost care of the health of our customers as such we do not use any kind of artificial colors and fragrances in our products. Puja Perfumery is one of the leading companies of Organic and Chemical Free Essential Oils in India.
    ‘Puja Perfumery’ delivers Sandalwood Essential Oil after multiple quality checks and in house lab testing to its customers. We adopt the highest quality and packaging standards in manufacturing our products. We pack and deliver our products in eco-friendly material to our customers. With ‘Puja Perfumery’ you can order the Best Sandalwood Essential Oil in India online to get it delivered to your home or office anywhere.

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