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Clove oil contains good essential oils and also has many benefits, before that let us tell you what is Clove oil and why it is useful. Owing to the increasing demand for essential oils, Puja Perfumery Company brings you the best option for the best essential oils, Puja Perfumery is once again present with a unique product amongst you, that product is clove oil….. Puja Perfumery is the best clove essential oil supplier in India. clove oil manufacturers in india. we also provide it online, so buy Clove oil online in India.

It has been told in Ayurveda that clove oil is special, gives relief from many problems, know the healthy benefits of clove oil.

If you are using clove essential oil, you can spray it in your room. Its fragrance can improve blood flow in your body. Also your mind gets a lot of peace. Clove oil is also used in aromatherapy.

 It is used as a good medicine in Ayurvedic medicines. Clove oil provides relief from seasonal diseases, while it is also used to cure stomach problems. Similarly, this essential oil is also useful for fungal infections, migraines and injuries.

Clove is a special aromatic and medicinal herb. It is actually made by drying the flower bud on the clove tree. Simply put, the clove we use is actually the dried bud of the flower.

It is available in the market in the form of dried buds and in the form of its powder. Clove is used as a spice to flavor dishes and as an Ayurvedic herb to treat a number of health problems.
Clove oil is rich in anti-septic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. That is why, it is used as a good medicine in Ayurvedic medicines. Clove oil provides relief from seasonal diseases, while it is also used to cure stomach problems. Similarly, there are some other benefits of clove oil, which are as follows:

Clove oil is a wonderful medicine, these methods have benefits

1. Problem of burning or pain in stomach –

 People may complain of burning or pain in the stomach due to wrong eating habits, such as acidity etc. In this case, immediately apply a drop of clove oil on the navel. This will get rid of pain and by massaging the navel with this oil at night, the problem of burning in the stomach will also go away.

2. Relief from Migraine and Headache:

Clove oil ie flavonoids present in clove oil reduce migraine, headache, tension and inflammation. When there is a headache, mix 2 drops of clove oil with salt. With this, massage your forehead. Similarly, clove oil should be massaged to reduce swelling and pain caused by injury.

3. Cloves can reduce the symptoms of diabetes

According to a study done on rats, a special element called nigericin is found in cloves, which reduces insulin resistance in muscle cells. Other studies have also been done on rats, in which cloves or its ingredients have been shown to potentially help lower blood sugar.

4. Consuming Cloves to Help Prevent Cancer

Many types of powerful antioxidants are found in cloves, which help protect cells from destruction. The lower the rate of destruction of cells, the less the risk of getting cancer. Another study was also done in which different types of components present in clove oil were found to have the ability to prevent breast cancer.

5. Remove obesity by consuming cloves

Studies have found that the fat accumulated by consuming fat can be reduced to some extent by the use of cloves. In a study done on rats, it was found that rats who were given cloves continuously had reduced fat compared to others.

6. Cloves reduce the risk of liver disease

Some studies on cloves suggest that consuming cloves helps to keep the liver healthy and consequently reduces the risk of liver disease. One study found that a substance called eugenol present in cloves reduced the symptoms of liver cirrhosis.

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