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Difference between attar and perfume

Difference Between Attar And Perfume

Difference between attar and perfume

Even if you are well-dressed and wear fancy attire, having a foul body odor is considered impolite. Spice use causes the body to sweat out various odors. Keeping cool and smelling fresh is important for everyone. Attar, deodorants, and perfumes are used to combat these unpleasant odors. Know more about the difference between attar and perfume.

The scent items Attar (attar) and perfume are applied to the body to modify the odor caused by excessive sweating. Animals, like humans, despise the foul odors produced by their bodies. These scent items have some basic distinctions, but many consumers mistook them for the same thing.

What exactly is an Attar?

Essential oils or absolutes produced from natural sources are commonly used in attars. These essential oils are usually extracted by steam or hydro distillation. Technically, attars are natural flora and fauna extracts.

Essential oils are distilled and aged on a timber basis, such as sandalwood. Depending on the natural sources employed and the intended effect, the aging phase might be anywhere from one to 10 years.

Attars are concentrated fragrances that are devoid of alcohol and synthetic ingredients. These natural scents are sold in very tiny quantities, poured into small, traditionally adorned, or jeweled decanters.

What exactly is perfume?

Perfume is a high-end scent item that contains a high concentration of essential oils, water, and alcohol. On the garments, perfumes are sprayed. In comparison to deodorants, perfumes are extremely concentrated and provide a pleasant odor for a long period. Perfumes were likely manufactured from resins and balms when they were first used in fragrance spaces.

Differences Between Attar and Perfume.

Many people use Attar and Perfume regularly, and these two scent items serve various purposes. The following are the main distinctions between the two:

Attar Perfume
Fragrance oils have a long history, dating back to ancient Egyptian culture. In the previous 200 years, a lot has transpired.
Attars are oils that have been concentrated. Perfumes have a high alcohol content and a certain proportion of perfume oils.
Attars are extracted naturally from the appropriate base material. Perfume oils can be either natural or reconstituted after being diluted with alcohol.
Attars can last anywhere from 7 to 24 hours, depending on several conditions. Perfumes dissipate fast, and depending on the intensity, can last anywhere from one to five hours.
It’s safe to use on the skin Alcohol can be used on the skin, although it might irritate the skin.

Elaboration of difference by pointwise

1. Attars are ‘Oil’ scents, whereas perfumes are ‘Spray’ :

Attar perfumes are enhanced natural smells in the form of base oil produced from plant sources. Perfumes are usually sold in spray form since they include alcohol.

2. The Creation Process:

Attars are made from Sandalwood oil using a classic hydro-distillation procedure. Plant elements such as roots, flowers, and leaves are utilized as raw materials in the distillation process.

Attars or essential oils, as well as other perfume ingredients/synthetic molecules and alcohol, are used to make perfumes.

3. Synthetic vs. Natural

The main distinction between Attars and Perfumes is that Attars are based on nature, whilst Perfumes are based on chemicals.

Attars are manufactured from scents that are more pleasant to our senses, such as flowers. Perfumes are made up of chemicals that might be damaging to our skin and general health in some cases.

4. Environmentally friendly

When perfumes are blended with air or water, they contaminate the air we breathe and our seas, whereas attars are biodegradable and more environmentally friendly. The negative consequences of synthetic scents have been thoroughly examined here.

5. Representation

In comparison to attars, alcohol molecules undoubtedly aid scent projection.

6. Price:

If you buy a real sandalwood-based attar, expect to pay a lot of money because the labor-intensive method required to make them is not cheap. Furthermore, these attars are quite difficult to come by, and you must be skilled in identifying a genuine attar in today’s market, which is rife with knockoffs.

When it comes to high-end fragrances, brands have a big role. Some designer fragrances are quite expensive, while others are inexpensive or inexpensive, which many of us choose to owe to our financial constraints.

What makes attar different from perfume?

The difference between attar and perfume is that attar is made up of concentrated oils, and perfume is made up of a set percentage of perfume oils mixed with alcohol, along with fixative and other necessary chemicals. Perfume is king in today’s trendy scene.

Which is the most effective attar or perfume?

Attar has a long and illustrious history. It has been around for thousands of years. Pure attar oil has a high-density aroma, whereas perfume is diluted with alcohol and has relatively little fragrance.

Perfume evaporates fast, especially when exposed to the elements. Because attar oils are thick, they take a long time to evaporate. The main difference in the application method is that perfumes may be sprayed since they are diluted, but attar oils are thick and require just one or a few drops.

What is the benefit of Attar?

When most people hear the word ‘attar,’ they instantly think of scent. Attar, on the other hand, has a lot more advantages than you may assume. These advantages include:


The perfume avoids the drying effects of drugstore perfume by condensing the botanical essence of several flowers into an oil base, making it suited for dry skin.

Oils that have been concentrated

Because we don’t use any cutting or diluting agents in our attar, only a few drops are required for every application.


Some claim that by stimulating the respiratory tract, attar can calm the human psyche and treat ailments such as headaches.

Increased self-assurance

Wearing an attar is a modest gesture that may improve your happiness and confidence.

There will be no booze.

Less abrasive lasts longer and contains no synthetic fixatives

Long-term results

Due to the reduced evaporation rate, oil-based perfumes have a far longer scent life than ordinary drugstore fragrances.


Finally, and based on my experience, I prefer Attar over all other fragrances and body scents. Attar smells better than any perfume and removes unwanted physiological odors caused by perspiration.

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