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Kannauj- The Capital of Fragrance

Kannauj of Uttar Pradesh, which is called the city of perfume, is famous all over the world for the fragrance of perfume. It is said that the winds of Kannauj carry fragrance with them. Buy Kannauj Attar Online. 

Kannauj looks like any other dusty North Indian city. But as you walk through the streets of the old city, you cannot miss the aromatic note in the air; even the mud flowing from roadside drains sometimes reminds you of flowers. This is because a large number of families in the city have been engaged in making ‘attar’ or natural aromatic oils and extracts for generations, which are widely used in making perfumes and essential oils for consumer products like soap, shampoo, etc. Even used for flavoring agents for medicine. The distillate is also not wasted but is used to make incense sticks or incense sticks. Buy Kannauj Attar Online. 

This city with the best taste of fragrance is famous all over the world. The smell of perfume made here is reaching all over the country and abroad. Here perfume is specially made from extracts of rose, sandalwood, mogra, marigold, jasmine, khus, bela, musk, jasmine, fantasia and clay. Herbal perfumes are in high demand here. Let us tell you that here you will get perfumes ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 15 lakh. To take this fragrance far and wide, the businessmen here have also tied up with many online shopping portals. Even if you are not able to come to Kannauj, you will still find the best perfumes made online here.

The most special perfume here is made from clay and roses.

About 80 percent of the population of Kannauj is in this business. There are more than 200 perfume factories here. The most special perfume here is made from clay, whose fragrant aroma comes to your mind as if you are in another world. Another special perfume here is prepared from roses, which are specially cultivated in Aligarh. Made from Damascus roses grown in Aligarh.

The special thing is that the world’s most expensive perfume is made in Kannauj. From the world’s cheapest perfumes to the most expensive perfumes, fragrances are made in Kannauj, in which the most expensive perfume is ‘Adarud’. This perfume is prepared from the special wood of Assam. The cost of this one gram perfume is around Rs 5000.

According to the report, Kannauj perfume is supplied to many countries including UK, US, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iraq, Iran. Perfume is used in cosmetic as well as in making gutka and pan masala.

Whenever it comes to good fragrance, the first thing that comes to mind is the name of Kannauj. Kannauj is known as the city of fragrances. This city has explained the definition of fragrance to the people. The air here also has a pleasant smell; It is not called a city of such fragrances. The tradition of making perfume is very old in Kannauj. There are perfume factories in the street here, which make perfumes of the best quality. Wherever you pass from here, the fragrance in the air will bind your feet. As you move through the city, two strings will meet with new scents.

Here you will find perfumes ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 15 lakh.

The perfumes made here are alcohol free, you will find perfume shops everywhere in Kannauj, in which there is so much variety of perfumes that you will not be able to decide which fragrance you like more. Perfumes are made naturally here and this practice has been like this for about 4000 years.

People have different preferences regarding smell. Some like dark fragrance, some light, some spicy twist and some like fruit sense. Overall, it is important to know that the market here takes care of your every wish, you just tell the choice, the fragrance will be present. Buy Kannauj Attar Online. 

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