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Experience the True Essence of First Monsoon Rain in the Form of Mitti Attar by Mitti Attar Perfume Wholesaler Supplier

Mitti Attar Wholesale Supplier

When the first few drops of monsoon rain get to fall on earth, at that time have you experienced the fragrance of sun-baked earth? If not, then, fortunately, the same earthy, rich, exotic, and soothing aroma is now made available in the form of Mitti Attar by Mitti Attar Perfume Wholesaler Supplier.

Since antiquity, Indian perfumers (particularly from Kannauj, India) have been practicing the art of capturing the exquisite deep, rich, and mysterious smell of the first monsoon rain on the parched, baked, or dry earth.

The preparation of Mitti Attar is done on the baked earth of the river Ganges. It is further Hydro distilled into the base of pure sandalwood oil. Mainly it is a primordial fusion of baked earth and water. This in turn bears the soft and pleasing aroma that is very extraordinary and earthy.

The fragrance of Mitti Attar is just as same as the cologne of raindrops on fissured or cracked earth. You can wear this beautiful aroma alone without adding anything to it. Additionally, it is majorly used in numerous Hindu sacred rituals along with for meditation purposes.

Experience Amazing Benefits of Mitti Attar

Skin Care: Mitti attar is considered a boon for skincare. You can remove your extra greasiness sebum secreted by your skin by doing a gentle massage with this aromatic attar.

It assists you in getting a rejuvenating and refreshing look. If you make regular use of these oils then it is going to serve you with instant results. Those individuals who have dry and oily skin can get benefitted from this oil.

Perfumery Industry: This magical attar sold by Mitti Attar Perfume Wholesaler Supplier is renowned for its exotic earthy fragrance that in turn makes it an active ingredient in the preparation of exotic scents, perfumes, and other similar scented products.

The exotic scent of this perfume brings calmness and freshness while effectively driving away anxiety, annoyance, negative thoughts, stress, and tension.

Apart from this, the intense sweet baked earthy scent of this attar tends to create the spirit of revitalization. You can try this miraculous attar for getting peace of mind without keeping any second thought in your mind.

Medicinal Uses: Most women use Mitti Attar for getting ease from menstrual pain. It used to open up the obstructed or irregular menstruation and keep it more regular. Moreover, before childbirth, pregnant women also make use of it as it relaxes them.

Other Uses: This attar is a complete pack of highly potent medicinal properties. Thereby it effectively does the treatment of sore throat and relaxes the nervous system.

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