Puja Perfumery

Puja Perfumery

The Journey of Creating a Unique Fragrance.

Pooja Perfumery & Exports is a deeply rooted organization engaged in manufacturing, supplying, exporting and retailing the best range of products eg Natural Attars, Complete Fragrances, Essential Oils, Perfumery Compounds and Floral Water has been introduced in the market. Buy best quality of attars and essential oils at wholesale prices from India’s leading Kannauj Attar Manufacturer. 

How Indian perfume makers are moving ahead to compete with global fragrance giants: –
Pooja Perfumery was founded in 1972 by Govind Kumar Malotra in the ancient land of Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh. They started their business from making attars and rose water.
Kannauj is the perfume capital of India. For centuries the town of Kannauj in the Northern State of Uttar Pradesh has been known as the country’s perfume capital, producing the traditional attar. Several ingredients from India, including jasmine oils, sandalwood, and rose water, are used by luxury perfumeries around the world.
It all started with the offline market but in modern times Gaurav Malhotra took it forward by taking the family business online. But for all this rich heritage in perfumes, India never really had a home-grown perfumery brand with a global appeal.
India has been a land of olfactory indulgence — this is where ittar, incense and aromatherapy have existed for thousands of years, and personal perfumes are part of the ancient royal lore.
The company has been manufacturing all the products in India for 100 years with its old and ancient method.
At a competitive price, the product will initially be available in the domestic market and will last a long time. The company’s scope of activities in East, West Asia includes manufacturing and supplying its own brands of premium quality Perfumes, Seed Oils etc. in the range of Rs.100-15000 only.
Our Client Base Is Very Wide and Our Products Are Distributed to Various National and International Markets. With Our Broad Business Exposure, We Are Able To Provide Highly Advanced, Enhanced And Natural Scented Products At Profitable Price Range. Buy best quality of attars and essential oils at wholesale prices from India’s leading Kannauj Attar Manufacturer. 

We have a very good range of products from our own manufacture. We are distributing all these products globally.
• Attars : Itar, Fragrance etc.
• Essential oil : Soaps, Candle, Cosmetics, Spa, Perfumes, Ayurvedic treatment, Handwash, Diffuser, Room fragrance etc.
• Absolute oils
• Floral Water
• Perfumery compound
• Powder, Chips, Logs etc.

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