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Ruh Khus Attar

Ruh Khus Attar

Puja Perfumery presents you a box of fragrances… Yes it is a special kind of perfume………The infamous Ruh Khus Attar is famous worldwide.

We are talking about ruh khus attar which will light up your mind along with you……

Puja Perfumery offers Genuine Khus, a sustainable fragrance, made from Kannoji process, low alcohol and absolutely finest quality khus attar.

Puja Perfumery offers a collection of Ruh khus attar that will help to relax, rebalance your body, mind and spirit. Inhaling the aroma of this khus attar can stimulate areas of the limbic system, a part of the brain that plays a role in emotions, behavior, the sense of smell, and long-term memory. Owing to the increasing demand for khus attar, Puja Perfumery Company brings you the best option for the best khus attar, Puja Perfumery is once again present with a unique product amongst you, that product is Ruh khus attar …..

Apply Rooh-e-Khas in summer

Here Rooh-e-Khas is a special kind of perfume to give relief from the heat. This perfume is prepared from weeds found in rivers and lowlands. This perfume is also used in aromatherapy. The fragrance of khus also increases immunity. The nervous system is also strengthened. Apart from this, there are also perfumes containing sandalwood, kewra, the smell of rain-smelling soil, the fragrance of flowers, which will feel cool after applying. Apart from this, perfumes with attractive names and special qualities like Mukhallat Special, Khalifa, Fitrat, Manjar, Dilkhush, Amber, Sultan etc. will also be available.

Perfume is an aromatic oil made from traditional methods and natural substances. No chemical is used in making it. At the same time, in addition to aromatic oils, many types of chemicals are mixed in perfumes. The most important thing about perfume is that it does not cause any kind of danger to your skin and the effect of its fragrance remains for a long time. A little drop of perfume can keep your body smelling for a long time. Whereas the effect of perfume ends within a few hours.

Use perfume according to the season

Do you know that perfumes are used keeping the season in mind. It is advised to apply perfume of rose, jasmine, khus, kewra, mogra in the summer season. They keep the body cool in the summer season, while in winter perfumes it is advisable to apply perfumes of Musk, Amber, Saffron, Oud, because they have the ability to increase the body temperature.

Let us tell you that flowers, herbal and spices are used to make perfume. There are many perfumes which are used to make special earthen pots.

Khas is an aromatic grass. Khas is called Vetiver Grass in English, which is the Tamil word for Khas. In the olden days, to protect against the heat, curtains of khus were made, which were kept submerged in water. When the air like hot summer heat passed through them and entered the room, it would cool down, and the room was fragrant with its pleasant aroma.

Oil is extracted from the roots of khus. Khus Perfume, Attar, Vetiver Perfume, Sherbet, Essential Oils, Medicines, Soaps and Cosmetics are made from aromatic khus oil. Khas attar is very much liked in Arab and other countries. This oil is also exported to many countries.

Benefits of Puja Ruh Khus Attar—–

  • The use of Vetiver is also beneficial in heart disease, vomiting, skin diseases, fever, diathesis, headache, blood disorders, burning of urine, respiratory diseases, bile diseases, muscle spasms, hormonal problems.
  • Massaging khus oil provides relief in backache, sprain. Poppy oil is also used in aromatherapy.
  • The aroma of khus increases immunity, calms the nervous system and removes the feelings of fear and insecurity. The smell of poppy seed oil is helpful in relieving stress, bringing sleep.
  • The biggest benefit of planting poppy plants is to the environment. For centuries, knowledgeable Indian farmers have been doing soil conservation, cleaning and water conservation by planting poppy plants to prevent soil erosion.

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