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Traditional Methods Of Making Attar

Traditional Methods of Making Attar

Pure attars are mainly derived from the flowers or wood of various plants. These flower or wood extracts are then mixed with base oils like sandalwood oil or agarwood oil to make them long-lasting. Some attars are sold individually, while others are mixed together in appropriate ratios to create new scents and fragrances. At Puja Perfumery, we use traditional methods to make pure attars from fresh ingredients. We sell non-alcoholic and 100% pure attars in India and all over the world. Here is an article depicting the traditional methods of making attar.

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Traditional Methods Of Making Attar

We use hydro-distillation method to manufacture attar. Traditional equipment that contains “deg and bhapka” are used to make attar at Puja Perfumery. This method has been used for centuries and is still used by many perfumeries. 

  1. Fresh flowers, leaves, wood or other required raw ingredients are freshly collected and brought to nearby distilleries for further process. 
  2. Petals are plucked from the flowers and are poured in degs(huge copper pots) along with fresh water.
  3. The degs are then sealed tightly with clay so that heat couldn’t escape from them.
  4. The deg is connected by Chonga(bamboo pipe) to a Bhapka(copper tank) and a water tank.
  5. After connecting the apparatus, fire is lit and deg is heated.
  6. After some hours, when pots are heated properly, the first distillate is condensed to collect the liquid.
  7. This scented liquid is transferred into an empty copper pot so that it could be distilled again.
  8. The true attar can only be extracted after the second distillation. 

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