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Carrots don’t have any seeds as it is not a fruit but dry fruits called schizocarps have. There are some differences between carrot oil and carrot seeds oil. Carrot oil is a mixture of carrier oil, olive oil and coconut oil but carrot seed oil is cold press oil from carrot seed. Carrot seeds oil has the power of antibacterial, anti inflammatory and antifungal properties it works as antibacterial antioxidant, antifungal. It has anti-aging properties so it is also used in skin care products.

Carrots Oil Used For –  Fragrance, perfume, and essential oil making

Expense Of Carrots Oil –  It depends on quality, quantity and brand

Carrots Oil Commonly Used – To make lasting fragrance perfume and oils

Carrots Oil Good For – Reducemenstrual cramps, joint pain and also used as aromatherapy

Carrots Oil Refers To – Carrot oil

Carrots Oil Smells Like – sweet and fresh

Extraction Process – hydro-distillation process

Applicable For – Both men and women

Manufacturers Process To Produce Carrots Oil

We collect these fruits and apply a hydro-distillation process to extract the oil from this natural plant. Besides that, we also had some other healthy and natural ingredients like essential oil, plant, wood, herb, etc, Which help to make a perfect and effective essential oil for both men and women. All our oils are chemical-free and non-alcoholic, which reduces the chances of side effects. Besides that, all of our oils are government authorized that maintain a standard quality of the product.

Healthy Benefits Of Carrots Oil

These fruits contain antioxidants and antibacterial properties. After massage on skin and hair help to treat bacterial growth, infections and outside damages. Moreover, its unique sweet scent works to keep your mind calm for a long time. Many people like this oil because of its sweet, pleasing aroma, which not only smell good. It also helps to maintain a proper skin care routine daily.

How To Use Carrots oil

For Face

  • Take few drops of Carrots seed essential oil
  • Then mix it with warm water
  • Then take small amount on hand and apply on your face politely
  • Just slowly give massage in circular motion, use as a cleanser
  • After 10-15 minutes, simply wash your face with clean water

For Hair

  • Take few drops of Carrots seed essential oil
  • Then mix it with one or two tablespoons of carrier oil like coconut oil, jasmine oil, etc.
  • Then take small amount on hand and apply to your scalp
  • Just slowly give massage in circulation motion

Why You Choose Us To Buy Carrots Oil

Our suppliers are available in all major cities in India like Kanpur, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. So late delivery or damaged delivery is no chance. Our all-natural oils are government authorized that maintain the quality of the product.

We Offer

We provide High quality, long-lasting, and 100% natural Attar with bulk booking or wholesale options. So just go and purchase one for you.

Important Note

Keep in mind, Essential oils are strong and highly concervative because it evaporates quickly. So take these oils far from your children and pregnant women.


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