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Jasmine Oil (Cosmetic Grade)


Main ingredients are

  • benzyl acetate
  • linalool 
  • benzyl alcohol 
  • indole 
  • benzyl benzoate 
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Jasmine, its scientific name is Jasminum officinale, mostly found in Iran and other topical areas. This essential oil comes from white jasmine flower plants. This flower is well-known for its sweet and romantic fragrance that helps to better our mood. Thisdays, more popular perfume brands use this oil to enhance the effectiveness of their products. In addition, this oil is also used in alcohol, desserts and sweets.   



There have been many studies and evidence that proves jasmine oil helps to reduce blood pressure, breathing rate and oxygen saturation. Because this oil stimulates our brain hormones and inhales the central nervous system to improve mood. So yes it is a good home remedy for anxiety.   

Sexual Desire

Did you know? In India jasmine flowers are used to decorate a marriage couple’s bed. Because it scientifically proves that inhaling jasmine helps to better our mood and also create a romantic environment in our body. So use a few drops of jasmine oil on your neck or use it in a diffuser to your bedroom. 


Convulsants means spasms or cramp, more likely a sportsman or daily workout people know this very well. Over Exercise may create spasms on various parts of your body, in this case try this oil massage to relieve. 

Skin Infections

Like other essential oils, this oil also has it’s very own antiseptic properties to treat skin infections or some small cuts and scratches. Researchers found that jasmine oil has the potential to boost new blood vessels that enhance wound contraction. 


A great thing about essential oil is, they are very helpful to control depression or menopause symptoms. Nothing new in jasmine oil, a proper massage of jasmine with carrier oil gives the best relief from menopause symptoms.


No doubt inhaling jasmine helps to simulate our brain hormones that help to feel good and also increases the energy level or calmness. Recent studies show that inhaling a small amount of this oil in a diffuser helps the people, who already have insomnia and anxiety. 

How To Use:

  • Add a few drops of this oil with a carrier ( jojoba, coconut, almond oil ) in a diffuser then place it near your bed or corner of your room. 
  • Inhale some amount of jasmine oil directly from the bottle.
  • Mix 3-5 drops of jasmine oil with 1 tablespoon carrier oil and use a few drops on your shoulders and neck.
  • Use the mixture of jasmine and carrier oil in a warm bath.
  • Try to massage this mixture ( carrier with jasmine ) on your different body muscles to relieve from spasms or cramp. 


Although jasmine oil(Cosmetic Grade) is normally safe and nontoxic but you need to be aware before using any essential oil. Because they are strong and highly contractive. 

Some thumb of rules:-

  • Try a test by using the mixture of jasmine and carrier oil in your skin and also note if it reacts or not. 
  • If you are pregnant or nursing or very sensitive to the skin then consult your doctor before using this oil.
  • Always use this essential oil by mixing in carrier oil

What is Inside:-

Main ingredients are

  • benzyl acetate
  • linalool 
  • benzyl alcohol 
  • indole 
  • benzyl benzoate 
  • Cis-jasmone
  • geraniol 
  • methyl anthranilate 
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