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It is a perfume that is extracted from the Indian genda flower, which is also known as the marigold flower. These yellow, orange flowers have several species and most of them contain healthy nutrients for humans. We use Indian genda flowers that are also known as “herb of the sun”. We collect these flowers and extract the oil by using a hydro-distillation process. This beautiful flower oil gives calmness of mind during your yoga and meditation classes. Besides that, it will also help to improve your concentration power during inhaling the oil. Genda attar or oil not only used in fragrance making. This natural essential liquid also used in chemicals that help to avoid harmful insects and also in medication that contains soothing and stimulating properties. Aromatherapy is another important aspect that is completed by a massage with genda oil.

Genda Attar used for – making fragrance, helpful chemicals, and medicines

Expense Of genda attar – 300rs to 30000 rs depending on quality, quantity, and brand

Genda Attar commonly used – natural and non-alcoholic fragrance making that last long on skin and shirts.

Genda attar Good For – body refreshing, soothing and stimulating, improve focus, etc.

Genda Attar refers to – Tagetes glandulifera

Genda Attar Smells Like – fresh, wet, and pleasant

Manufacturers Process To Produce Genda Attar

Steam or hydro-distillation process is our primary method to produce genda attar. This traditional extraction process helps to maintain the flower’s therapeutic and beneficial properties. Besides that we also use some other related essential oil like sandalwood oil, natural ingredients like hern germ, plants, etc, this will help to boost the work efficiency of this attar. Moreover, our genda attar doesn’t contain any chemical substance that increases the chances of side effects. So if you have sensitive skin with smell then must try our non-alcohol and organic attar that doesn’t react on your skin.

Healthy Benefits Of Genda Attar

Genda attar is more commonly used in aromatherapy in different forms of oil and product. Because it contains anti-inflammatory components that reduce joint pain after massage. Our genda attar is long-lasting and has a sweet smell that stays long on your skin and shirt after sweating also. If you do yoga or meditation activities then definitely try healing this oil. Which calms your mind and gives more focus on your work. Although, our attar is much cheaper than the market product price. So you get the best organic Genda attar that has fewer side effects and also gives several health benefits as well.

Why You Buy Genda Attar from Us

We collect, manufacture, export, and deliver high-quality and 100% natural attar at your doorstep at a decent price tag. Parties or events or getting together doesn’t matter, our healthy genda attar gives you extra attention from your guests. So just go and purchase one for you or your family and friends.

We Offer:

High quality, long-lasting, and natural Attarful.Attar with bulk booking or wholesale. Our suppliers and dealers are available in all major cities in India. Like Kanpur, Delhi, Mumbai, etc.

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