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Most commonly used in skincare and aromatherapy, it is a perfume that contains oil extracted from Kesar plant flowers. Kesar is one of the most popular and mostly used in a variety of products in India. Because it contains excellent antioxidant properties that work to protect our cells and also calm our minds. Kesar or saffron is formed of a flower called saffron crocus. It was first founded in Greece and one of the most popular spices around the globe. But now these well-known spices are available in India, Morocco, Iran, etc.

Kesar used for –  fragrance and skincare product making

Expense Of Kesar attar – Start from 1000 to 2000 rs, although it depends on the brand, quality, and quantity

Kesar Attar commonly used – produce a fragrance that gives sweet, strong scent for both men and female

Kesar attar Good For – improve mental health, sexual life, and pain

Kesar Attar refers to – Indian Saffron, Crocus Cultivé, Crocus sativus, Safran Espagnol etc

Kesar Attar Smells Like – Sweet, smoky, spicy, and strong

Manufacturers Process To Produce Kesar Attar

We apply a hydro-distillation process to extract the oil from Kesar plant flowers. It helps to maintain the nutritions in place without harming them. We also use some other natural and related ingredients like sandalwood oil, honey, plant, herb, leaves, etc. All these ingredients are natural and plant-based. So the chances of side effects are very less than others. Moreover, these ingredients help to boost the work efficiency of our Kesar attar. Like sandalwood oil gives a woody aroma, honey gives soothing properties etc.Our all attars are 100% natural and maintain the government guidelines to produce only authentic and genuine perfumes.

Healthy Benefits Of Kesar Attar

The very first thing is our non-alcoholic and chemical free kesar attar. Which helps to absorb any type of skin without any problem. So if you have sensitive skin on smell then must try our kesar attar, because this perfumes have less chance to react on skin. Besides that this perfume contains kesar which is an excellent source of high rich antioxidants. So our kesra attar not only smells good, sweet and strong, this perfume also gives several health benefits. Because kesar helps to reduce pain after massaging on muscles, inhaling this perfume helps to reduce stress, depression, anxiety. Moreover, many people add this spice in their diet for weight loss also.

Why You Choose Us To Buy Kesar Attar

We only produce genuine and authentic attars that are 100% natural, chemical free and non-alcoholic. Our suppliers or distributors are available in all major cities india like Kanpur, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. So late delivery or damaged products supply is no chance. You can contact us for more details, just go, select and buy one for yourself, your family and friends.

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We provide High quality, long-lasting, and natural kesar Attar with bulk booking or wholesale options. Any individual or dealers can easily contact us for more details.

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