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This is perfume of loban or Gum Benzoin. It is an aromatic resin mostly used in perfumes or attar. This dark resin comes from various bark of several species of trees, one of them is Styrax benzoin. These trees are mostly found in southeast asia like india, malaysia, indonesia etc. Mostly in mountain areas when temperature goes down these trees bark dies and produce dark resin. Which is collected by perfume manufacturers and goes through various refine processes to add in attars. This loban attars commonly used for inhaling that solve laryngitis, asthma and coughs related problems.

Loban Attar used for –  making fragrance that gives inhaling benefits

Expense Of Loban  Attar – Start from 399, although the price depends on brand, quality and quantity

Loban commonly used – In indian household items

Loban Good For – healing wounds, treating asthma, pain and stress.

Loban Attar refers to – Frankincense, Gum Benzoin, Styrax benzoin.

Loban Attar Smells Like – Smooky, sweet and strong

Manufacturers Process To Produce Loban Attar

We apply a well-known process called the solvent extraction method, where benzoin goes from heat to extract the oil. It helps to produce highly natural perfumes in a traditional way. So we also follow this method to manufacture a 100% natural inhaling product for our customers. But that’s not enough, we want a unique and high-quality loban attar that is different from other market products. So we use some other natural ingredients that are mostly available in India. Like Indian floral, fragrance essential oil, resin, wood, and some other chemical-free substance. As a result, you get a strong, 100% natural, and long-lasting fragrance that not only smells well. Besides that, it also involves your system to reduce lifestyle-related stress and tiredness.

Healthy Benefits Of Loban Attar

In India, loban Attar is a well-known and popular perfume among all males and females. This attar works very well on your cloth and skin without any damage. Besides that, the internal ingredients also get several health benefits besides smelling. Some benefits are, reduces stress, control your mind, reduce blood pressure, improve anxiety, etc. Although, the fact is loban contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help to improve our internal function. Moreover, we only use natural and non-alcoholic components that don’t lower the quality of our attar. We also ensure that our every perfume doesn’t contain any unwanted substance that may hurt our customers.

Why You Choose Us To Buy Loban Attar

We provide 100% natural attar at a decent price tag. Because of our dealers and suppliers that are available in all major cities in India. Just go, pick and order, our distributor will deliver the product to your doorstep within the time limit.

We offer: –

We provide bulk booking and wholesale on our all attar products. Our distributors are available in Kanpur, Delhi, Mumbai, etc.

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