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Roses are beautiful and filled with strong floral and sweet fragrance. This essential oil is extracted from various types of rose. Most commonly used in perfumes and beauty products. This essential oil has anti aging properties that help to hybrid dry skin, treat acne, minimize the aging and wrinkles also. Did you know? Rose flowers are harvested by hand in the early morning.This is very sensitive to human body heat and also takes some very difficult processes. For 2lbs of Ruh Gulab Oil Second requires 6000 to 8000 lbs of protels. So these are the main reasons behind the price of this essential oil. Overall, rose is not a flower only, it has many potential benefits that help us to feel good and treat our skin or face naturally.  


Anxiety and Stress

You need to know that Rose Oil Second is very helpful to relieve from stress and anxiety. Because researchers found two different results from two different experiments. First one proves that using this essential oil decreases Blood pressure, heart rates, breathing rates, they all are common symptoms in anxiety.  Another result comes from an experiment on 100 women that shows using this oil treatment during pregnancy decreases the anxiety level during their delivery.   


Rose Oil Second also works well on your depression. Because studies show that using this oil helps to stimulate the release of dopamine. Which helps to improve the symptoms of depression.  


Rose is not just a beautiful flower, it also has a lot of benefits and potential. One of them is increased sexual desire and satisfaction. Studies show that inhaling this oil helps to release the dopamine in your brain that increases sexual desire. Work very well on men and some women.  


Rose Oil Second treatment is very helpful to use after surgery because it gives you relief from pain. Researchers believe that Rose Oil Second may simulate the release of endorphins ( better feel hormone ) to avoid after surgery pain. 

How To Use:-

  • Ready a warm tub with 10 drops of Rose Oil Second and carrier ( coconut, almond or jojoba ) oil mix. Now take a bath of this water for charming and freshness. 
  • Try to soak your feet in a mix of rose, carrier oil and warm water. 
  • Mix 3-4 drops of Rose Oil Second and a tablespoon of carrier oil, Now give a massage on your muscles to relieve pain.
  • Ready a mix of Rose Oil Second and carrier oil then use it in a diffuser for inhaling. You can also use this mixture by spraying it on your neck, shoulder, and wrist to take the best result. 


Try avoid these essential oils from direct touching in your sensitive areas like nose, eyes and skin. Always use these oils by mixing in the carrier.

Avoid these oils from using on your pets, otherwise it may toxic their skins. Because Rose Oil Seconds are highly concentrate.

What is Inside:

Main Ingredients Are

  • citronellol 
  • geraniol
  • nerol
  • linalool 
  • phenyl ethyl alcohol 
  • farnesol
  • stearoptene
  • α-pinene 
  • β-pinene 
  • α-terpinene 
  • limonene 
  • P-cymene
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