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Kewra essence or kevda water etc are some common names of kewra. This oil or water is extracted from southeast asia flowers called Pandanus tectorius. This flower water is most commonly used in a variety of products in India like drinks, meals, deserts and perfumes also. But Bengalis prefer kewra water to make their traditional dessert or sweets called Rasgullas and others. Just because kewra water gives extra flavor to sweets. Moreover, this water is also used in fragrance making which helps to give an amazing sweet scent and increase skincare properties.

Ruh Kewra Used For –  fragrance, sweet, and skincare products making

Expense Of Ruh Kewra – Start from 200 rs, although it depends on brand, quality and quantity

Ruh Kewra Commonly Used – to gives an extra sweet aroma of perfumes and sweet

Ruh Kewra Good For – boost perfumes aromatic characters by increasing their scent

Ruh Kewra Refers To – kewra essence, kevda water , Pandanus tectorius

Ruh Kewra Smells Like – Sweet, strong and floral

Manufacturers Process To Produce Ruh Kewra

We apply a steaming process to extract the oil from kewra flowers. It helps to protect the internal properties of kewra and doesn’t harm or reduce their health benefits. Besides that, we also add some other natural ingredients like plant, herb, leaves, related essential oil. It works to boost the work efficiency of Ruh Kewra. As a result you get 100% natural, organic and long-lasting perfume at your doorstep. Although, all natural ruhs are government authorized that maintain the guidelines to produce only genuine and authentic products. Our ruhs are chemical-free, non alcoholic and don’t contain any unwanted substances. So the chances of side effects are very less than others. What you are waiting for just go, select and buy one for yourself, your family and friends.

Healthy Benefits Of Ruh Kewra

First of all, our all-natural ruhs are 100% natural and don’t contain any chemical substance. So if you have sensitive skin with smell then must try our Ruh Kewra that doesn’t’ react on your skin, the chances are very less. Besides that kewra, gives extract sweet and floral aroma in the perfume. It stays long on your shirt and skin that is easily used by both men and women. If you want to go to parties, events, and marriages, apply a few drops of Ruh Kewra and feel fresh and confident all day long.

Why You Choose Us To Buy Ruh Kewra

We provide only 100% natural, authentic and genuine ruhs across India. Our suppliers or distributors are available in all major cities in India like Kanpur, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. So delay delivery is no chance. If you have any questions related to our products, license and other help contact us.

We Offer

We provide only high-quality, natural and authentic ruh. Any individual or dealers can contact us for bulk booking and wholesale options. Just go to our website and contact us.


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