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Benefits Of Rosehip Essential Oil

benefits of rosehip essential oil

Rosehip oil is prepared from the fruit of a rosebush. When the petals of rose flowers get dried and the flower is left on the bush, then that bright reddish-orange spherical fruit from which petals are attached is known as rosehip. Rosehips are edible and has some great medicinal properties due to which it is highly used in cosmetic industry to manufacture products like facewash, face gel, serums and most importantly essential oils. Read this blog to know more about the benefits of rosehip essential oil.

Some varieties of rose such as Rosa rugose and Rosa canina produce rosehips of highest quality. In general, rosehips are full of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. While selecting rosehip essential oil, make sure that you’re buying a good quality product from a trusted manufacturer like Puja Perfumery as we provide pure and natural rosehip essential oil.

We at Puja Perfumery prepares 100% pure and natural rosehip essential oil from the methods inspired by ancient oil extraction methods with a bit of modern touch.
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Rosehip Essential Oil

How does Rosehip Essential Oil works?

As we discussed earlier, Rosehip essential oil contains many vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin F along with essential fatty acids, such as:
  • linoleic acid – Helps in reducing overall cholesterol and supports heart health. Also, provides moisture and plumpness to skin.
  • oleic acid – Its anti-inflammatory properties helps in wound healing and balances the skin. 
  • gamma linolenic acid – Helps in reducing high blood pressure and helps in reducing skin disorders.
  • palmitic acid – Helps in cleansing and locks the moisture of the skin

Benefits of rosehip essential oil -

1. For Skin

  • It is believed that rosehip oil is a great source of vitamin C and is a safe product for skin. Due to its richness in vitamin C content, it possess antioxidant properties that helps in reducing the damage done by ultraviolet rays. 
  • It also supports collagen production that helps in reducing wrinkles.
  • Also helps in wound healing and prevents dry skin.
  • It helps in reducing hyperpigmentation.
  • Also helps in reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks.
  • Helps in locking the moisture of skin and reduces acne giving you a soft and supple skin.

You can use rosehip oil on your face twice in a day for better results. First, cleanse your face with a gentle facewash and then take 2-3 drops of Puja Perfumery’s Rosehip Essential Oil in your palm (quantity of oil may vary depending on the area where you’ve to apply) and mix it either with a coconut oil or your favorite moisturizer and apply on your face and neck and massage gently for upto 5 minutes in upward direction. It can even be mixed with vitamin E oil to increase its nourishing properties. 

2. For Arthritis

Rosehip oil is a beneficial remedy for arthritis and joint pain. According to studies, rosehip oil reduces osteoarthritis pain better than placebo with zero side effects. The oil has enough content of polyphenols and anthocyanin which helps in reducing inflammation and joint pain.
Its anti-inflammatory properties makes it a good option for those who do not want to take onsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or other pain reducing medicines.

3. For Skin Ailments

Skin disorders like dry-flaky skin and eczema are quite common nowadays. Regular use of rosehip oil reduces these ailments making your skin scar-free, smooth and nourished. Its anti-inflammatory properties helps in reducing the itchiness, redness and pain. It also moisturizes the skin when applied with moisturizer which prevents your skin from drying out. The quality content of vitamin A and C helps in restoring the elasticity of skin. For treating rosacea, mix few drops of rosehip oil with grapeseed oil or almond oil and apply on the affected areas daily before taking a bath. Similarly, other skin issues such as hyperpigmentation and keratosis pilaris can be treated.

4. For Burns And Bruises

Rosehip oil has regenerating and antioxidant effects that accelerates the recovery of burns and bruises. Essential fatty acids in oil prevents scarring as well. It also treats keloid scars and accelerates wound healing.

5. Heals Dry And Cracked Lips

Rosehip oil has nourishing properties and can be used to lighten the pigmentation of lips. It makes your lips healthy and pink by nourishing the deeper layers and locking the moisture. You can find rosehip oil as one of the main content in long-lasting and nourishing lip balms that are available in markets. Or you can make your own lip balm at home in simple steps. Take 2-3 rosehip oil drops with coconut oil and add some vitamin E oil, mix them properly and store it in a glass container. Apply it regularly for fast results. Within 2 weeks of application, you will notice super soft and plumpy lips.

6. Improves Nail Health And Enhances Eyelashes

Rosehip oil helps in making your eyelashes denser and thicker. Simply apply the oil on your eyelashes with the help of cotton. It also promotes nail growth and nourishes the cuticles and prevents them from drying, making your nails more bright and shinier.

7. Reduce Stretch Marks

When collagen and elastic of your skin tears up, stretch marks occurs on your body. Some scars get fade but some may remain for lifetime. These stretch mark scars cannot be treated by any regular ointment or oil, hence it is not necessary to use appropriate product and that is natural Rosehip essential oil. We now know that rosehip oil promotes the elasticity of skin and is highly penetrable in the skin. Due to this property, it nourishes your scars from within and makes them lighter in just few weeks after proper application. It also moisturizes the epidermis and its fatty acids promotes collagen production. It regenerates your skin by converting fatty acids into prostaglandins. Its regular use can even treat melasma which is post-pregnancy stretch marks and hyperpigmentation.

8. Boost Hair Growth

The essential fatty acids of rosehip oil can repair damaged hair follicles and scalp tissues that promotes healthy hair growth. The oil also moisturizes your hair and scalp and prevents it from further drying, hence it can also control dandruff. It can be used as a scalp tonic as it has so many antibacterial properties. 

Side effects of rosehip essential oil -

Besides many benefits of rosehip oil, there are some side effects or you could say allergic reaction if oil is not applied in a proper way. These are –
  • rashes on skin
  • congestion
  • dizziness
  • blisters and burns
  • itchy and watery eyes

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