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Best Attars In India

Best Attars In India

Best Attars In India

The word ‘Attar’ or ‘Ittar’ was derived from the Persian word ‘Attar’ which means perfume or fragrance. It was a natural fragrance extracted from plants, flowers and from other botanical resources.  Buy best attars in India online from Puja Perfumery.

It does not contain any harmful chemicals. Attar is also well known as ‘Ittar’. Some attar oils are also extracted from a few species of wood. Although many brands of perfumes and scents are manufactured,

Still many people love the smell of attar. Attar is made from pure nature’s ravishing resources without the use of chemicals. Attar is mainly used by Muslim community.

Attar is an eco-friendly, long-lasting fragrance and does not contain any alcohol in it. It will never do any harm . So, It is totally safe to use. Now, attar is massively popular in India as well and imported across the globe.

You can find almost every type of attar fragrance such as rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood etc.

In this article, we have just made a list of the best attar in india. So, you can buy according to it. Buy best attars in India online from Puja Perfumery.

Types of Attar

Attars are classified into the following types-:

Floral – Floral attar is extracted basically from flowers like rose, jasmine, sandalwood, chameli, and etc.

The fragrance of floral attar is sweet and soft. This type of attar is normally used by womens and girls. It gives the essence of a flower.

You can find different varieties of floral attar in the marketplace.

Herbal – Herbal is good to use as it is extracted from herbs and different spices. There is no harm in using herbal attar. Many people like the fragrance of herbal attar.

Warm – Warm attar is one of the most liked attars. It helps you to keep your body warm. It also helps to raise your body temperature. Things like musk, amber, oud, and kesar can keep you warm.

Cool – Cool types attars will give you coolness. This will provide you relief from heat. So, if you are going outside in the summer season then you can use cool attars to get relief from sweltering heat.

These types of attars include ingredients like rose, jasmine, mogra, sandalwood and khus attars. This will help you to keep your body cool.

These are 4 types of attars in india. You can buy according to your wish. In the summer season you can buy cool attars. In winter, you can buy warm attars.

And if you want a smooth smell then you can definitely try floral attars.

Best Attars In India

Many people are still confused about buying attrs. So, here are some best attar names suggested with their constituents. 

1. Gulab Attar

Gulab Attar is One of the most popular and demanding perfumes in the Indian market. Gulab or rose is a flower that has been used for more than 5000+ years. The origin of this flower probably originated in China first. But in India, Muslim Moghul empowers first to bring this beautiful flower in the 16th century. Rose or Gulab contains some of the best and necessary components that mostly improve our skin. Hair and stress. Our Gulab attar is a 100% natural perfume that doesn’t contain any unwanted substance. This liquid perfume is produced by extracting oil from rose using a stream process. Besides that, we also use some other natural ingredients to make the most convenient for both men and women.

2. Bakhoor Attar

Bakhoor attar is a Natural Perfume, made with traditional ways to maintain its purity and heartwarming fragrance. Or in simple words, Bakhoor is a traditional perfume-making process that uses several natural ingredients like agarwood resin, fragrance oil, etc. The word “bakhoor ” is inspired by an Arabic word called bakhoor dan which is used in scented bricks making. This bakhoor attar is a world-famous perfume mostly for its strong and long-lasting fragrance. Besides that, Bakhoor is a process of eastern perfume style that is mostly used in Europe for several decades. Where people used this traditional perfume to inhale during their churching. But now the bakhoor process is mostly followed around the globe. And we also provide this excellent heartwarming product at a decent price tag.

3. Chameli Attar

Chameli attar perfume is well known for its sweet, charming fragrance that is made from versatile flowers called jasmine. This versatile flower has a long history in Indian culture. From Lord Krishna to the 21st century this flower is continuously used in Indian territory. In this modern age, we provide jasmine extracted liquid perfume called chameli attar. It is strong, sweet, long-lasting, and also gives several health benefits. Moreover, chameli attar is one of the popular and lovable attars in India. Because of it, mind refreshing compounds that keep you charming all day long. And lastly, our chameli attar is 100% natural that stays long in your cloth and skin.

4. Mitti Attar

This is a perfume made by a hydro-distillation process to extract the oil from various natural plants, flowers and leaves. Mitti attars also recognised globally as the Scent of Rain. Because it has quite an impressive baked earth smell like no others. Moreover, the process and ingredients of this perfume give this perfume a unique aroma. Which smells like the first rainfall on earth. This is a natural perfume that has amazing blending characteristics, so you can easily apply this perfume directly to your skin. Mitti Attar has one most unique, impressive and lovable fragrance in the natural perfume industry.

5. Sandalwood Attar

This liquid-based perfume is made by extracting various natural plant oils. Which gives the perfume a long-lasting, pleasing and mesmerizing fragrance that you will never forget. We use some healthy and organic ingredients like flowers. Leaves, plants, essential oil and some other natural substance. The steaming process is our primary source to extract the oil from these ingredients. In the end, we produce a highly conservative and vegan liquid fragrance that will be appropriate for both men and women. Our sandalwood oil can stay 24 hours in your skin or shirt. Which makes the perfume more demanding and efficient before attending any occasion.

6. Jannat UL Firdous Attar

Want to mesmerize your friends and family or look for a classic, traditional or royal perfume that smells strong and stays long. Here it is our Jannat Ul Firdous Attar which inspired by an Arabian word called Jannat El Firdaus, which means gardens of paradise. Because this liquid perfume contains something unique, classic, and high-quality content that you mostly find in other perfumes. Like jasmine, amber, wood, basil, and some other natural ingredients. All those ingredients go through a process called hydro-distillation to extract the oil from these components. At the end of the result, you get a traditional, woody, and strong-smelling perfume that gives several health benefits, besides smelling.

7. Agarwood Attar

Agarwood is a form of an infected tree called aquilaria. It means when an aquilaria tree is covered with mold or gets infected day by day, this tree produces dark resinous wood called agarwood. So this is a naturally produced woody masculine that is mostly used in fragrance, perfume, or small carvings.  And you need to know that agarwood is well known to produce one of the most expensive attars in the world.

8. Raat Rani Attar

Raat Rani Attar is another variant of jasmine perfume. It is One of the most popular, demanding, and sweet-scented perfumes. Which contain Night-blooming jasmine flower oil. This flower belongs to the potato family and mostly available in the west indies and south Asian countries. Raat rani flower is also known as Cestrum nocturnum. This flower contains healthy nutrients that give several health benefits like improving skin, anxiety, menstrual cramps etc. Our Raat rani perfume or essential oil both are very compatible with any type of skin.

9. Rajnigandha Attar

Our Rajanigandha attar is an Indian traditional perfume that is filled with Rajnigandha flowers, plants, essential oil etc. It has a unique scent that can easily mesmerize your mind. During this perfume preparation, we use some natural and healthy ingredients that help to make our attar more pleasant, sweet and strong. It stays long on your shirt and skin, it’s very beneficial for both men and women. You can easily apply our Rajanigandha attar directly on your skin because it is chemical-free. Tuberose or Rajnigandha flower is mostly used in the perfumery industry.

10. Shamama Attar

This is a liquid-based perfume that is made by extracting various flowers oil like Mendi, Gendha Jasmine etc. We also add some other natural ingredients like plants, herbs, leaves, sandalwood oil and some other essential oil. This tradition proceeds perfume gives you a strong, pleasing aroma that stays long on your shirt and skin. 100% organic, chemical-free and non-alcoholic shamama attar gives you confidence during your outside activities. More than 20+ different natural ingredients we add in our shamama attar. So that you get a royal, strong and pleasing fragrance like no others.

How to choose the best Attar?

There are varieties of attars available on market. You have to choose among those various attars. Choosing the right attar is not that much easy. Here are some factors on the basis of which you can choose the right attar for you -:

1.Gender -: As you know, womens generally like the sweet fragrance and mens like the strong scent. The floral attar is mostly used by the womens instead of mens. Mens and womens have their own and different choices. So, these are the choices based on genders.

2.Season -: Different attars are made for different seasons. People prefer to use cool attar in the summer season to make their body cool and warm attar in the winter season to keep the body warm. Attars like sandalwood and khus have some cooling effect, which makes it ideal for summer. Attars such as amber, heena, oud, and saffron are highly preferred to use in winter as it keeps our body warm. 

3.Fragrance -: Some people like to buy floral perfumes whereas some people like to buy herbal perfumes. Many options are available on the market. You can buy attars according to your choice. But before buying an attar make sure you choose a fragrance that appeals to you.

4.Alcohol-free -: Choose a product that does not contain alcohol. Alcohol has some side-effects and can harm your skin. So, make sure to buy a non-alcoholic attar that will be suitable for all skin types.


These are the list of best attars in india with all their information and price. There are many types of attars available on the market. It causes confusion while choosing the right attar for yourself. In this article, we mentioned the best attar and you can buy it according to your choice. I hope this post might help you in choosing the right attar.

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