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Kannauj- The City of Attars & The Perfume Capital of India

Kannauj is widely popular as the fragrance or Perfume Capital of India. It is also majorly known as the City of Attars. This city has got its place in the history for curating the most redolent of ittars, whether it is for British, or it is just for those people who are fond of natural concoctions. Buy Kannauj Attars Online.

Basically, attars are oils that are extracted out of botanical sources, for instance, fruits, woods, etc. A real attar is a kind of perfume oil that is manufactured by using flower petals distilled in water by making use of pressure and low heat. Some attars are also comprising spices, woods, and resins.

The steam that comprises the fragrance oils is collected into a container of mild sandalwood oil over numerous weeks. The oils meld there together until the sandalwood gets entirely saturated with the fragrance or scents of the flowers.

Sandalwood oil is used in the form of a ‘base’ or ‘fixative’ in the art of perfumery. It combines with the molecules of the fragrance oils and facilitates their subtleties to develop and last for a longer period of time in comparison to the flower oil.

Just like a fine wine gets improved with the age, in the same way, sandalwood-based attar also gets improved with the age. There is no other more natural perfume than a real attar.

Kannauj is also popularly known as the Grasse of India. The city has encouraged perfumers for a large number of centuries. There is a myth that after having been presented to India by Noor Jahan they have relished monarchical custom.

Perfumers of the Kannauj city have not just extracted fragrances from botanicals. But they have also extracted these scents from several elements present all across the world when they were first hit with droplets that come from the sky.

The perfumers from this scented city have been indulged in the captivating fragrance of the wet earth enfolded by the first rains in the bottles. There is a very less number of people who are aware of this fact that the major perfume companies and perfumeries from all over the world pick up concentrates from here which serves the Kannauj perfumes with an international reach.

Kannauj is well-versed with every type of wearer.

Romantic People: The majorly famous attars manufactured at Kannauj comprise Roses. These perfumes are exceptional for those people who are most romantic in nature.

Cultural Fragrance Lovers: Sandalwood is extremely demanded amongst those people who are fond of cultural fragrances. Your mind and heart are ultimately going to get hit by the purity and lustrousness of this smell.

The smell of the earth: The master perfumers of Kannauj have achieved a highly beautiful scent of mitti in the form of Mitti Attar. This attar is also popular as Itr-e-Khaki. It is manufactured by distillation of half-baked clay. This type of attar is provided with a soft mix with the lustrous note of Sandalwood which makes it a beautiful dry down.

Nature Lover: Usually, these kinds of fragrances are filled in a bottle from extremely local scents from the woods which serve people with a sense of nature. These scents comprise notes, for instance, Cedar, Patchouli, and Agarwood. The greens assist you in exploring yourself in the lap of nature along with keeping yourself calm.

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