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How to Apply Attar Perfumes Oils ?

how to apply attar

The attar is a variant of perfume that serves people with a mind-blowing experience. When you smell it, your mind will get transported instantly to the valley of flowers. Here is a full guide on how to apply attar for long-lasting fragrance.

Attar is a pure perfume oil that is extracted from botanical sources. These sources are majorly jasmine, rose, and sandalwood. Apart from this, it is also extracted from herbs, barks, and spices.

Most perfumes that are available in the market come with a high amount of alcohol that is even up to 95%. So, whatever perfume they provide to us is only a small percentage of 5-20%. Meanwhile, the attar is a 100% pure perfume which is free from chemicals and alcohol.

How to Apply Attar Perfume for Long-Lasting Fragrance?

You are required to apply attar perfume to some of your ideal points for obtaining the optimum fragrance and to make it last. Those places on which people should focus are pulse points.

These are the warmest areas of the entire body. Some areas in the body like the shoulder, wrists, chest, neck, and inner elbows also get heated very easily.

The warmer they will become, the more fragrance these will spread. You have to make use of only a little amount of perfume and it will go a very long way. You can also select one or two of these areas for targeting.

If you apply this attar perfume oil to your wrist or neck then it will be the best blend for you. You also might be thinking that behind the knees, armpits, and crutch also get excessively warm, but these are not ideal areas for applying cologne.

If you are looking to buy the best attar perfume oil, then you can opt for Puja Perfumery as it is a luxury brand that would certainly meet your expectations.

Given below are a few steps that let you know about how to apply attar perfumes oils to smell fresh and last all through the day.

  • Apply attar perfume just after you have had your shower and your skin is fresh.
  • The usual habit of spraying the attar perfume in the air and walking through it will become the reason for an excessive amount of wastage.
  • Target only the areas of pulse points for applying the attar perfumes.
  • When you are going to spray the perfume oil, the bottle should be kept at a distance of 3-6 inches away from your skin.
  • When you shower in perfume, it will only repel the people whom you meet. 2-4 sprays are just sufficient for making you smell better.
  • Most people commit the mistake to rub the perfume into their skin when they are done with applying. This in turn will take away the essence of the scent.
  • You should reapply the attar perfume oil to your wrists when you feel that the fragrance is wearing off. You can also opt for purchasing pocket perfumes online for making reapplying easy.

How to Apply Attar Perfume to Clohes?

An easy way of making an attar perfume to last for a longer period is by spraying it directly on your clothes. You can also spritz your shirt in the months of summer and your leather jacket or coat in winter. For making the perfume last for a longer period in your clothes you are required to avoid staining them.

Just place tissue papers in advance on the lines of your dresser drawers which are sprayed with your favorite scent. It will serve time for the clothes to absorb the fragrance.

If you are not desired your attar perfumes oils to lose their essence, then you should not store them on your bathroom shelf. The reason is that dampness and humidity will not react well with fragrances and it will break them down.

Just opt for storing it in a cool and dark place for enjoying it till the date of expiration. When you want your perfume to last for a longer period, then it is just all about knowing how and where you should apply them. Once you become well aware of these things, you can make the most out of your perfumes.

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