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How To Apply Attar Perfumes Oils?

Manufacturing of Attar perfumes oils is the way in which the fragrance is extracted from herbs, flowers, & other botanical sources. Along with this, some are extracted from other wood sources. Read our article to know more about how to apply attar perfume oils.

How to Apply Attar Perfumes Oils?: The Traditional Way To Apply Attar Perfumes Oils

For numerous centuries in India Attars have been in use. Numerous emperors and their queens in ancient times were appreciated these fragrances of attars. So, when the roll-on attar bottles have not been introduced during those ancient times, people were used to applying those attars at the wrist on their pulse point.

In addition to this, the individuals used to apply them on the backside of their hand and then gently rubbed it. Once you have put it on the wrist of one hand, you should lightly dab your hand on the wrist of your other hand.

The traditional & classic way in which the attar fragrance oil is applied is to apply these indirectly onto the clothes that you have worn. You can actually apply the attar oil in two ways. You can make use of the roll-on of the perfume bottle, in a similar way as you do with the applicator.

You have to take one of a few drops of the perfume oil on your palm or on the area of the wrist and then you have to rub it together lightly. Now, you can apply the attar perfume oil gently onto your cloth by striking the palms over the garments.

Thus, you may prevent soiling your clothes. It is because the attar perfume would spread evenly over a huge part of your garments.

You must keep in your mind that dark perfume oils might stain your garments. So, you must strive to avoid these perfume oils directly on your garments. Just apply them in an indirect way.

In addition to this, you should avoid doing the storage of your attar perfume oils under direct light sources if you have the desire for better stability. Consequently, after every use, you have to keep fragrances in closed condition along with keeping them in the original box.

How You Should Use Attar Oil?

One can apply attar oil with the roller head of the perfume bottle. In a similar way, you can do so with the stick applicator.

Where You Should Put Perfume Oil?

Put one or a few drops of the perfume oil into the area of the wrist and rub it together lightly. After that, you are required to apply the attar perfume oil softly onto the cloth by striking your palms over the garments.

Thus, you should prevent soiling clothes. And you have to make sure that the attar perfume oil is scattered evenly over a wide portion of your garments.

Can I Apply Attar Directly On Body?

Numerous synthetic versions will become the reason for your skin irritation. As a result, you are always suggested to test with a small quantity, whether or not you are having skin irritation.

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