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Top 5 Indian Attar Perfumes You Must Try In 2022

Attar is also majorly popular as ‘itra’ or ittar’. This word is originated from the Persian word ‘itr’, which refers to “Perfume”. As numerous things are manufactured in today’s times using chemicals. But, attars are absolutely pure and manufactured by making use of natural elements from mother nature. Know more about top indian attars.

Basically, attars are technically pure fragrance oils that are derived from flowers, herbs, or even barks. They are widely popular in the Middle East along with South Asian countries like India.

But, these are also gaining popularity in major developed countries, for instance, Uk, the USA, Australia. The reason is they are lasting for a longer period of time. Along with this, they are also not inclusive of alcohol and are eco-friendly.

Why Indian Attars are widely Popular?

The fragrances of Indian attar are majorly popular. The reason is that the manufacturing of those takes place by making use of the process invented around the 400th century. Kannauj is also known as the “Perfume Capital of India” where this most ancient practice of making attar takes place.

However, it is an extremely competitive market that possesses cheaper synthetic alternatives, attars have preserved the smell that comes out of the earth.

As attars are always of superior quality, so there is never going to be a competition between them. It is almost impossible to oppose becoming a frequent user of attar, even if you are making use of it just for a few minutes.

Best Indian Attars You Must Try In 2022

Attars are entirely different from the ingredients used for making them. Here, you can learn about some of the best attars manufactured in India which you must try at least for one time in your life.

Mitti Attar

Do you want to enjoy the lovely smell that comes from the earth after the first rain of the monsoon? The fragrance of dry earth becoming wet can serve you with a feeling of renewal which is captured by this special attar.

It is an extremely great option for your daily use because of the relaxing aroma that acts as a stress removal for you.

The Best Weather-summer is the most perfect time for you to wear this exceptional perfume. The reason is that it facilitates a cooling effect on your body.

Rose Attar or Ruh Gulab

The fragrance of roses is sufficient for serving you with a feeling of being in heaven. It is derived from the Indian Rose known as Damascena. It is also among the most rejoiced attars which have been created to date.

In all cultures, the Rose flower is a symbol of love as it serves with the sweetest smell of nature. This flower is perfect for some special occasions, for instance, family gatherings, weddings, or simply for an intimate meeting with your beloved one.

As this Rose attar is a cold attar, so you can enjoy it in the summer season. However, you can use it all through the year for preserving those memorable moments.

Vetiver Attar or Ruh Khus

Vetiver attar is manufactured by making use of the seeds of the plant. This attar is extremely famous for its pleasant scent. It serves you with a woody and earthy scent which is known as the “Oil of Tranquility”.

Ruh Khus attar also serves your body with utmost relaxation from the stress of daily life. It is also among the attars of most ancient times and has not lost its appeal among the regular lovers of attars.

If you are in search of something which you can use on a regular basis along with for your special occasions, then these attars are best suitable for you.

Attars are entirely different from the ingredients used for making them. Here, you can learn about some of the best attars manufactured in India which you must try at least for one time in your life.

Saffron Attar (Zaffran Attar or Kesar)

Saffron is also popular as it is an extremely valuable and rare spice. It is found in northern India particularly in Kashmir. Raw Saffron is extremely expensive and this is the reason that the price of its attar is higher than any other attars available on the market.

Saffron attar is an indication of an extravagant lifestyle. The reason is that just a very small percentage of people have the money for enjoying its luxury. And because of this, it is used in a huge number of religious celebrations.

It possesses a floral and spicy scent. Apart from this, these attars are used in aromatherapy along with having various medicinal uses. You are recommended to make use of this attar when you require relaxation.

As it is a warm type of attar, so we recommend you to make use of this attar, especially in winter.

Jasmine Attar

Jasmine is among the majorly known and loved flowers available on the earth. It is considered a romantic flower that creates an atmosphere with its sweet and fresh scent which is admired by males and females.

This attar is extremely famous among people for its capability of serving with relief from stress which can assist you in getting relaxed and recharge your body and mind simultaneously.

Attars are always an exceptional alternative to synthetic scents. The reason is that they are closer to the essence of nature. Once you try these top Indian attars, you are never going to look back at any other choices.

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