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This is a perfume made from an Indian flower called nag champa. It is a white and yellow mixed small flower that has an excellent sweet and musky aroma. Most commonly in India, perfume makes mix these flowers with sandalwood oil to produce an incense perfume. These small flowers contain healthy nutrition that works to improve the nervous system and stress. Our nag champa attar is 100% natural, just apply a few drops on your skin or shirt to experience a peaceful aroma.

Nag champa Attar Used For –  making fragrance that gives peace, relaxed and calm mind

Expense Of Nag Champa Attar – It depends on quality, quantity and brand

Nag Champa Commonly Used – for making candles, perfumes and essential oil

Nag Champa Attar Good For – regulating stress, tiredness and anxiety positively

Nag Champa Attar Refers To – Magnolia champaca,

Nag Champa Attar Smells Like – Sweet, musky and fresh,

Extraction Process – the hydro-distillation process

Applicable For – Both men and women

Manufacturers Process To Produce Nag Champa Attar

We apply a hydro-distillation process to extract the oil from these small white and yellow flowers. This method helps to keep nutrition in place so that the perfume gets an organic and fresh smell. Besides that, we also add some other natural elements to boost the efficiency of the perfume. Additional ingredients are plants, herbs, leaves, essential oil, flowers etc. All our attars contain zero chemical and alcohol. Our all perfumes are government authorized which work to produce only standard quality products.

Healthy Benefits Of Nag Champa Attar

First of all our nag champa attar is chemical-free and non-alcoholic, so if you have sensitive skin from smell then use this attar. Because it creates fewer chances to react on your skin. This attar contains nag champa flowers which use to produce a soothing fragrance that works to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Besides that our nag champa attar also reduces unwanted body odor without any side effects. Just apply few drops on your skin or shirt and get the best calming result instantly. Parties, events or marriages doesn’t matter, just apply and feel confident for a long time.

Why You Choose Us To Buy Nag Champa Attar

We provide 100% natural, authentic and genuine attars all around India. Our all-natural attars are government authorized which maintain the standard quality of the products. Non-alcoholic and chemical-free is compulsory in our attars that gives trustiness of purity. Just go to our website and purchase a new one for yourself, friends or family.

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Our dealers, suppliers and distributors are available in all major cities India like Kanpur, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. So late delivery and damaged products are no chance. Any delays or individual can apply for wholesale and bulk booking without any hidden charges. Just drop a mail or contact us for more details.


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