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Oud Sams Attar


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This is an oud or agarwood oil-based liquid perfume. It is one of the most popular, effective and refreshing attars in India. The primary ingredient is agarwood oil and also has some other natural elements. For example, plants, herbs, leaves, flowers and some related essential oils. This oud sams attar made by traditional proces, which gives calm, relaxed and pleasant aroma. It stays long on your shirt and skin without any side effects.

Oud Sams Attar Used For – Producing Body refreshing fragrance

Expense Of Oudh Sams Attar – It depends on quality, quantity and brand

Oudh Sams Attar Commonly Used – in fragrance or  perfume making

Oudh Sams Attar Good For – Improves overall health, like relieving spasms, reducing vomiting, relieving pain, treating asthma

oudh sams Attar Refers To – Oud or Oudh, Agarwood, Aloeswood, Eaglewood, Gaharu.

Oudh Sams Attar Smells Like – Sweet, complex, and pleasing.

Extraction Process – hydro-distillation process

Applicable For – Both men and women

Manufacturers Process To Produce oudh sams Attar

We apply a hydro-distillation process to extract oil from this agarwood. This method helps to extract the oil without harming the internal components. Besides that, we also add some other healthy and natural ingredients like plants, herbs, essential oil, etc. It works to improve our perfumes efficiency. Moreover, we don’t allow any unwanted, banned or chemical substances in our attars, So you are free from side effects. All the ingredients are natural and guided by government authorities. Which makes sure the standard quality of our perfumes. Our all-natural attars are 100% natural and long-lasting. So what are you waiting for, just go and try one?

Healthy Benefits Of oudh sams Attar

This traditional perfume not only feels strong, it also gives several health benefits after some use. The first one is meditation calmness. You need to know that agarwood filled perfume used in Europe churches during their prayers. So you can create a calm and mind refreshing environment at your home during meditation. Moreover, agarwood style fragrances contain antibacterial properties that prevent unwanted damages on sensitive skins. So there is no doubt that oudh sams attar is a perfume that still maintains traditional mixing methods to produce highly natural perfumes for every human being.

Why You Choose Us To Buy Kesar Attar

We only produce genuine and authentic attars that are 100% natural, chemical-free and non-alcoholic. Our suppliers or distributors are available in all major cities India like Kanpur, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. So late delivery or damaged products supply is no chance. You can contact us for more details, just go, select and buy one for yourself, your family and friends.

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We provide High quality, long-lasting, and natural Attar with bulk booking or wholesale options. Any individual or dealers can easily contact us for more details.

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