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Sandalwood Oil Online

Buy Sandalwood Oils (Cosmetic Grade) Online ( scientific name Santalum album ) comes from the roots and woods of a sandalwood tree. Most commonly found in East India and is generally used in perfumes, cosmetics, air fresheners and also used as a mild food flavouring. So sandalwood oil is well known for its sweet fragrance and smell, besides that it will also give some health benefits. buy sandalwood oil online it  has antibacterial properties that helps to treat bacteria, soothes sunburn, dry skin and wrinkles. So overall these oils help to feel good and also give some health benefits. Moreover, you don’t need to think very much because it is a natural plant oil so it’s not very harmful for you. But you just need to check some points which we discussed below. Did you know that sandalwood trees are one of the most valuable plants in the world and they are used by all over the world. Buy pure sandalwood essential oil at wholesale prices from Puja Perfumery.

Buy sandalwood oil online: Benefits


Researchers found that proper massage of sandalwood oil controls blood pressure and perspiration to reduce anxiety and also increases alertness. So it is safe to use as aromatherapy. 


Studies show that sandalwood oil has α-santalol compounds that fight against skin cancer. These components help to promote skin cell growth.


This essential oil has some antibiotic properties that help to treat infractions. So you can use this oil in some minor cuts to enhance your wound healing. 


If you have insomnia then a massage of sandalwood oil may overcome this problem. In a rat experiment researchers found use of this oil increased every rat’s eye movement and reduced their walking time. 

Did you know, In ayurveda, sandalwood is generally used for mental and physical satisfaction. With the massage of this essential oil you can easily treat fever, gallbladder problems, high blood pressure, indigestion, insomnia, liver problems, low libido and sore throat very well.

How To Use

There are many different ways to use this essential oil at your home.

Add a few drops of sandalwood oil in your lotion then use the moisturizer normally. 

Add a few drops of oil in warm water then take a bath for calm and freshness.

Put a few drops of sandalwood oil in a kettle or diffuser and place it in your bedroom to keep your mood better everyday.

Mix a few drops of sandalwood with carrier oil then apply them directly on your skin. It helps to grow cells for better skin health. 

Not only sandalwood, honestly every essential oil is powerful and highly conservatives. So check some points before use them

  • Apply on your skin and check if it reacts or not.
  • Do not apply these essential oils directly on your skin. Always mix with carrier oil ( jojoba, coconut, almond).
  • Avoid to touch this oils with your sensitive areas like eyes and nose
  • If you are pregnant or have allergenic issues then it is best to consult with a doctor before using these essential oils. 

What Is Inside

Main Ingredients Are

  • α-santalol
  • β-Santalol

These santalols are sesquiterpene alcohols which are available in sandalwood. 

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