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Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

benefits of lavender essential oil

Lavender oil comes under the most demanding essential oil in the market. Most relaxing fragrances and beneficial health components are the main reasons behind this popularity. Essential oil is known for smelling, purity and health improvement. Whenever the oil is made from Lavender, it occurs with some fantastic qualities like no other. There are various benefits of Lavender essential oil which are discussed below.

What is Lavender essential oil

Lavender is a flowering plant belonging to the mint family. Indeed, the plant is mostly found in the Canary Islands, Europe and eastern Africa. This essential oil has been produced for more than decades. Millions of individuals love the world-class fragrance of this oil. This versatile essential oil promotes relaxation and has several medicinal properties. The manufacturer follows the distillation process to extract the oil from the Lavender plant. Due to its medicinal properties, this essential liquid is mainly used for aromatherapy. Besides, the extracted juice also applies to cosmetic products to make them hygienic. So how to use Lavender essential oil? Discuss below.

How To Use

There are several usages available for Lavender essential oil. Some people use a diffuser, while others love to massage. Undoubtedly, the product is healthier and hygienic for most people. So below are the best uses of Lavender essential oil.

Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil For Face Skin and Hair

  • Take a small bowel
  • Add a few tablespoons of carrier oil like coconut or olive oil
  • Then apply a few drops of Lavender oil
  • Now gently massage your skin and hai

How to use Lavender essential oil For better sleep

  • Before your night’s sleep, take a cold water bath
  • Before entering the water, add a few drops of lavender oil
  • Take a bath for a couple of minutes

For mental relaxation

  • Use a diffuser to apply lavender essential oil
  • Now put the container near your bed
  • The fragrance of the oil provides better relaxation throughout the night

Lavender essential oil benefits

Lavender essential oil is a versatile and the most demanding oil in the market. The solid and mesmerizing fragrance can quickly calm your mind. Indeed, the oil has a unique floral smell which is light and fresh. Most importantly, this flowering plant extract contains several nutritional components for your body. So below are the benefits of Lavender essential oil.

  • Improves Skin – These days, Acne, pores, dark spots, and inflammation are common on face skin. People use several home remedies to prevent such annoying diseases. In this case, Lavender essential oil can effectively improve the challenges. The nutrition components in lavender help to heal acne breakouts on face skin. Besides, you can also use this oil for dry or itchy skin. Indeed, Lavender oil contains antifungal properties which reduce inflammation and infections on the skin. Take a few drops of carrier and lavender oil for the best result. After that, gently massage your skin twice daily.
  • Enhance Hair Growth – Have you ever tried annoying egg yolk or other remedies for your hair? If yes, then now try lavender essential oil. A recent study shows this flowering extract works to stimulate hair growth. Individuals can get thicker, stronger hair by applying this liquid. Besides, the lavender contains antimicrobial properties that prevent bacterial’ growth on the scalp. Individuals who suffer from dandruff or dry scalp can also apply this oil safely. For better use, take a mixture of carrier and lavender oil. After that, gently massage your scalp twice a day.
  • Treat Sleep or Insomnia – Approximately 10% -20% of adults have insomnia every year. This is a mental illness that makes the sleep cycle challenging. Poor mental health is the primary reason behind such disorders. In this case, Lavender can help to overcome such diseases. The refreshing solid fragrance of this plant extract helps to calm your mind effectively. Doctors suggest inhaling the oil at least for 30 min in a well-ventilated room. Take a fresh towel or diffuser to inhale the lavender oil.
  • Reduce Anxiety, Stress and Depression – The report says an examination of 221 patients who suffer from anxiety gets the best result after inhaling lavender oil. The plant includes a fresh smell that stimulates your brain cells effectively. So that your restless night can become more relaxing every time. The inhaling process is similar to the above recommendation.
  • Eliminate Fungal Infections – Lavender plants contain antifungal properties. It helps avoid skin infections, bacteria attacks, dry skin, allergies, nausea and more. Regular use of this oil can effectively prevent such challenges in your everyday life.
  • Reduce Menstrual Cramps – Women suffer from menstrual cramps just before their period starts. It causes pain and inflammation around the abdomen area. Patients can avoid such challenges by massaging the muscles with lavender oil. So above are the expected benefits of Lavender essential oil. There are a few important points you should know before using the liquid.

Important tips:

Lavender essential oil is strong and effective for several health benefits. Still, there are certain limitations included while using this oil.

  • Pregnant women should avoid or consult with a doctor before using any essential oil
  • Patients who suffer from serious illnesses should avoid
  • Try for days to see if you experience any allergic issues
  • Keep the oil safe from Children or toddlers
  • Do not apply any essential oil directly to your skin or face
  • Always use a carrier oil with these liquids

If you have any doubts, consult a doctor before using lavender oil.

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