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Natural Attars as an Alternative to Synthetic Perfumes    

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The fragrances from nature embody a hidden force that can not only make you attractive but also keep your mind, body & soul – calm, fresh & energetic at the same time. But the sad truth is that in our daily lives, we are all exposed to the risks of synthetic perfumes. In reality, most of the cosmetics and cleaning goods in our house include these harmful smells. And in most countries, there are no strict restrictions to protect you against them. Know more about best natural attars.

” A good fragrance is really a powerful cocktail of memories &


– Jeffrey Stepakoff

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These artificial scents have several drawbacks, therefore we must learn more about their dangers. Not only are they harmful to your health, but they also harm our mother nature. Know benefits of attar by best natural attar manufacturer of Kannauj- Puja Perfumery.

Synthetic Fragrances: What Are They?

Synthetic scents or ‘chemical’ mixtures & scents are produced in the lab & contains chemicals. About 95% of the materials in them are made of crude oil and other petroleum-based products. There are phthalates, benzene derivatives, and aldehydes in popular use. They can be found in anything from detergents and shampoos to floor cleaners and air fresheners. We are exposed to them either through direct contact or through the media.

Attars: What Are They?

Attar is a natural perfume oil and is a derivative of different flora and fauna. Attar also known as Itra & Ittar is distilled naturally and most often they are taken from the botanical material through steam or hydro distillation process. These are rare and precious oils or you can say soul of the plant.

India has a deep and intimate relationship with botanical scents and perfumes as well as spices, incense, aromatic oils and flower garlands used for ritual and as offerings. Even when used for cosmetics or cooking, there is always a sacred intention. The oldest known still for aromatic plants was found in what is now Pakistan and dates to at least 5000 years ago. 

Attars are expected to attract more novice people in the future due to the recent trend towards natural and eco-friendly products. They are not only good for the environment but also long-lasting compared with regular chemical-based perfumes also the ‘fragrance of attars’ helps to relax the mind from any stress and uplift the soul during meditation.

Three Main Benefits of Attars

  • They are Pure & Chemical-Free – Attars come from mother nature – flowers, herbs, spices & other parts of plants, creating a different aura. At Puja Perfumery the process of extraction of oils from these elements of nature is completely pure & organic, no chemicals are used in the formation of Kannauj’s Attar here. These Itra provide true & pure freshness. Whereas perfumes are formulated with chemicals that can cause damage to our body system, popular deodorants often include dangerous substances, make sure you check them thoroughly before buying perfumes online or offline.
  • Eco-friendly – Attars are oil-based fragrances derived from only plant-based elements, making them non-hazardous, toxic-free, sustainable and vegan in nature, when mixed with the soil they will dissolve just being a part of mother earth. Imagine if these pure attars are used in all your personal care & beauty products, our environment can stay healthy. Attars or Ittars truly have the power to change the world into a better place for humans, animals, birds & mother nature.
  • Calms Mind, Body & Soul – Ancient people believed in aromatherapy, which is a holistic practice to inhale essential oils or attars, this has been shown to carry many benefits for wellness and stress relief, helping you calm your mind, body & soul. Studies have shown that aromatherapy does indeed have an effect on the brain and can alter behaviour. Rosemary, lavender, and the other scents from Puja Perfumery are some of the most popular aromatherapy scents. 

Where Can You Buy this pure Attars & essential Oils?

Using time-tested distillation methods, perfumers in Kannauj (pronounced kunh-nowj) have been creating oil-based botanical perfumes known as attar for centuries. Mughal royals and everyday Indians sought after Kannauj attar in ancient India’s fragrance-obsessed culture.

Puja Perfumery, established in 1972, is the oldest & most trusted natural attars & essential oils manufacturer in Kannauj, supplying the best quality organic attars all over the world. We have a wide variety of attars for all your needs, our best sellers include rose, rosemary, mitti attar(Rain), sandalwood, Kesar(Saffron) & more.

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