Puja Perfumery

Sandalwood Powder

Pooja Perfumery presents the most sought after sandalwood powder. Sandalwood is an aromatic evergreen tree of the Santalam genus with heavy, yellowish and fine-grained wood that was an integral part of perfumes, perfumes, colognes since time immemorial. Sandalwood oil and powder are used extensively for its impressive beauty and health promotion. Sandalwood is a hemi …

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Indian Attar

Indian Attar Attar, also known as “Ittar” or “Itra” are basically aromatic oils made from traditional method and natural substances like- flowers, herbs or barks. Nowadays like most of the things perfumes are made using chemicals, but Attars are 100% pure and made with the love of nature.Indian attar perfumes are famous all over the …

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